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Selected Comments From Visitors

I recently finished my doctoral work in nutrition and I have to say that your books are some of the best I've ever read on the subject of health and nutrition, including text books. Ralph A. Salamone
What I've seen is that over the last few years, you have become a real expert in exercise science, nutrition, and related areas. You're not just "reporting." You have a keen understanding. Richard A. Winett, Ph.D., Heilig Meyers Professor of Psychology, Director, Center for Research in Health Behavior, Director of Clinical Science Training, Virginia Tech
The more articles I read on your website, the more I appreciate your approach. I especially like 2 points: 1) Ownership principle 2) Exercise that suits the specific individual, not necessarily weights, which seem to work for you. Your articles are not at all commanding or ordering. I feel as if somebody is telling me here is the research and what others have experienced--see if it works for you and if it helps you make a difference in your life. Suneet Singh, NYC, NY

You have been a huge, positive influence on me. I can't imagine how I would be training now, at 52, if I had not discovered Ripped 10 years ago. Your demonstrated integrity gives me peace of mind. Mark Wamsley

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Your site is far and away the best site out there, but it just keeps getting better.  You’re like a marathon runner who already has a 3-mile lead and you’re just starting to hit your stride!... NOBODY else out there combines four traits in one person: the walking the walk, the love for the field, the logical writing, and the consistency. Dan Keating, St Louis, MO

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I have known Clarence for a long time and his teachings on exercise fitness have had a great impact on me….He continues to use himself as a public experiment and I honor the integrity and honesty with which he does it. He is the most amazing "n" of "1" out there as he has meticulously tracked everything he has done for almost 4 decades. Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LD, LN (www.jeffnovick.com)

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Clarence: I learned so much from you. You're THE role model for active aging! Lee Bergquist, author of SECOND WIND: The Rise of the Ageless Athlete

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Familiar with your writings for many years, I have recently found your web site and am writing to say how informative it is without using enticing hype to make sales. Good stuff and I am buying 'Challenge ' as a result. (Perhaps it was enticing after all). The site is also pleasantly understated and doesn't shout. Solid good sense doesn't need to. Leo Tapscott, Brockworth, Gloucestershire, England

"Your website is by far and away, the very best on this planet. I have cross-trained all my life, read hundreds of fitness books and magazines and articles, and nowhere is there coverage like this. What is most important, is that you give due, intelligent consideration to everything, you seem to be able to try so many things out personally, and there is absolutely none of the bad mouthing and poor language that so many "iron game" writers use......your lateral thinking and quest for learning is wonderful. Keep it up, Clarence, and thank you." Richard Stent (South Africa)

"Many thanks for your wonderful work to promote health and fitness. Your writings are absolute fresh air.  Thank you for raising the bar for all writers who provide information and advice to beginning and advanced exercise enthusiasts.  As others have written to tell you, your writing is captivating, accessible, and always grounded in current research."

"In the fitness field, you are far, far ahead of your time."

"I find your website to be the most instructive resource on health and nutrition around.  I look forward to each article.  I overheard a friend the other day comment on the Tabata research on interval training.  He said it was in a new article in one of the current muscle magazines.  I told him that while the article was correct, he was a bit behind the power curve, since I had read about the Tabata protocols on your website 3 years ago!  After tracking down the article myself, I found that your website was listed as one of the sources.  My friend now checks your website once a month along with myself whenever a new article is due."

"Just a quick e-mail to let you know that after coming across your website about 3 years ago I am amazed: 1) how quick the website comes up even before I got my new computer, 2) The simple layout 3) the ease to get the information.  In these times when website gurus are forever changing their sites -- and take longer to load and have non-relevant information -- it is refreshing to go to your site and get right to the point."

"Hi, my name is Matt Jones, I have been working in fitness/ health for just over 6 years. I have conducted the strength training for a number of Australian athletes who have won gold, silver and bronze medals at Olympics, Commonwealth Games and world championships (I have also represented my state in a number of sports and been an Australian team member). Through my background I have been exposed to huge amounts of information on conditioning and I just wanted to let you know how brilliant I think your site is. You are doing a great service to the sporting/ fitness community/iron game. Keep up the good work." 

"Your website is a real 'treasure trove' of abundantly useful information for the bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast.  I like your insightful and candid comments."

"Finding your website was like stumbling onto a chunk of gold. Of all the bodybuilding sites I have looked at, I've found yours to be the most balanced, concise and motivating. As a designer of websites and computer software, I can also appreciate the clean layout."

"I've been crusing the Web for years and your web-site is my favorite.  I've read all of your books at least once and love them all.  My favorite book of yours, however, is the one that anyone can compile (and I did), almost for free, by printing and binding your web-site articles.  You provide so much interesting and helpful information - all presented in a very pleasant and readable fashion.  I've recommended your web-site to many people and I especially like recommending it to friends who are Web-based entrepreneurs.  It's the quintessential example of what a web-site should be."

"First off, Great frickin' site you have.  I have been in the Iron Game for about 18 years - started when I was twelve or so.  I have done every type of program imaginable.  Your site has everything I have been looking for and the science to back it up.  That is not the norm."

"Clear, literate, idiomatic and friendly/casual, almost stylish!  And mechanically solid, which is just so rare! It gives one confidence in the soundness of all your other advice.  Well, it is just so damn rare." 

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