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(See T K Waistband below)

Tommy Kono designed T K Knee Bands. Who else? “Since my name is on it. I have to make sure the quality is good.” Made with a special strength and elastic quality capable of holding a 150 lb. dumbbell, they provide great support and comfort. What’s more, the bands keep the knees warm and lubricated.

Tommy Kono is arguably the greatest Olympic weightlifter the world has ever seen. He is also one of the most respected. (See article 74) He developed these knee bands after injuring his knee in 1959.

This latest version was produced in cooperation with Tommy’s friend and business partner Leo Falasco of Country Power Inc. Tommy sent Clarence a pair of the knee bands to try, and he likes them. “Bands keep knees warm, but also provide a sense of stability and cushioning I haven’t experienced before;” he told Tommy in an email. Tommy says his knee bands are good, and Clarence agrees. “They’re not magic, but they do make squatting more enjoyable.” (See article 143 for more of the story behind the knee bands and Clarence’s test.)

Three sizes: Small (Up to 130 - may be used as elbow warmer) $39.95 + priority ship $5.60; Medium (130 to 250 lbs bodyweight) $39.95 plus $5.60 priority shipping, and large (over 250) $42.95 plus $5.60 priority shipping.


Also developed by Tommy Kono, the T K Waistband provides warmth and support for the lower back. Made of special elastic rubberized material, one size fits all. You simply center it around the lower back, pull it around to the desired snugness and fix it in place with Velcro. It's comfortable and can be worn while doing a wide range of exercises.

Much as people would like to believe it, waistbands do not help to trim the waistline, but the warmth and support is helpful to both healthy and achy backs (see customer comment below). Tommy says his waistband is actually better than a lifting belt, but acknowledges that "you can't tell the lifters that." Clarence stopped using a lifting belt some years ago, but  this is a new type of belt and, at Tommy's urging, he agreed to give it try. He thought it might be good for his temperamental back (see article 104).

"It really does feel good," says Clarence. "I wore it for squats and straight-arm pulls, and ended up keeping it on for the rest of my workout. You perspire under the belt, and it locks in the heat.  My back was still warm and limber for heavy side bends at the end the workout. It did a much better job keeping my back warm and loose than I expected. I'm going to keep using Tommy's Waistband."

One size fits all (except for people with extremely large girths), $29.95 plus $5.60 priority shipping.

Customer comment: "I have certainly enjoyed the T K Waistband which I recently purchased from you.  As I suffer from degenerative arthritis in my back, it keeps my back warm and feeling better during my entire workout.  I am purchasing a second one to wear while doing my back therapy exercises and fitness walking when on vacation." Bruce, Florida

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