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We offer ten books that Clarence has written, along with his 3 DVDs and Seminar tapes, plus a selection of recommended books and DVDs by other authors. In addition we offer Bill Pearl's High Protein Oats, competition suits for men and women, five autographed photos of Clarence - 4 color, 1 B&W - and consultations by phone and in person. Please read the short guide to choosing Clarence's books and DVDs at the bottom of this page, or explore them using the following menu:

bulletRipped series (3 books)
bulletLean Advantage series (3 books)
bulletLean For Life
bulletChallenge Yourself
bulletGreat Expectations: Health, Fitness, Leanness, Without Suffering
bulletTake Charge: Fitness At The Edge of Science  (Our latest book)
bulletThe 3 RIPPED DVDs, with viewer feedback and reviews
bulletConsultation information
bulletRecommended books - ( books and videos we think you'll find helpful)
bulletVideos/DVDs-- If you just looking for videos/DVDs, these are the ones we carry
bulletEquipment - Waist Bands
bulletPosing Suits for men and women
bulletRipped Seminar Series 3-tape-special, our most popular tapes in one album
bulletTo Order

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Short Overview of Clarence's books and DVDs:

If your goal is simply to be fit and lean we suggest you start with Lean For Life with perhaps Ripped 3 and Great Expectations for additional menu and training suggestions. In addition, Clarence's question and answer series, The Lean Advantage 1, 2 & 3, will provide you with answers to a multitude of questions on fitness, health, longevity, exercise and fat loss; taken together the 3-book series is essentially an encyclopedia of bodybuilding, health and fitness (see details on each book in menu above).

If you who would like to go beyond fitness to ultimate muscularity (maximum muscle with minimum fat), then start with the 3-book Ripped series (see details on each book in menu above).

Challenge Yourself - The Ripped series, and Lean For Life will get you started and this book will keep you going for a lifetime. The key, says Clarence, is to continually challenge yourself in an intelligent and thoughtful way. That's what this book is about. (See the menu above for further details.)

Great Expectations - Encouragement, a reviewer wrote, is at the heart of this book. Clarence provides both the example and the science to show that the body will respond to sensible eating and training far longer than most people think possible--at 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and beyond.

You'll also want to consider our 3 Ripped DVDs, which compliment the books. The first 2 DVDs cover diet and training, while the 3rd DVD focuses on the all-important subject of motivation. (See menu above for details on each DVD.)

In the recommended books section you'll find books on diet and nutrition, strength training, aerobic exercise, motivation, sports psychology--for men, women and youngsters, beginners and seasoned trainers, and more.

In addition, if you'd like us to recommend books or DVDs for your individual needs, call or email and we'll be glad to help.

Return to the top of the page to explore individual items mentioned.

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