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Legends of the Iron Game

Bill Pearl’s Reflections on the History of Physical Culture and Strength Training


Eight years in the works, Bill Pearl’s “walk through history” began as a one book project and blossomed into a three volume blockbuster, with over 1000 pages and a like number of photos. When we received our copy, it took a full day just to page through the 3 volumes—the “legends” and the awe-inspiring photos stop you over and over. The trilogy, wider than it is tall (11 X 81/2) with the highest quality paper and meticulous indexing, is almost three inches thick and weighs about nine pounds.

My grandfather used to say, “If you want a big job done, give it to a busy man.” Bill Pearl is that kind of man. He never does anything half way.

The Foreword by co-author George Coates describes his decades-long friendship with Bill and Judy Pearl and maps out the scope of their massive undertaking. “In 2003, Bill decided to create a...book to honor many of the people who had become legends in the world of physical culture and strength,” Coates writes. “Legends covers the physical culture scene from as far back as ancient China’s Chou Dynasty (1121 to 249 B.C.) through a carefully chosen mix of strongmen [and women], gymnasts, acrobats, weightlifters, vaudeville acts, and bodybuilders, up to 2010.”  

Any “legend” you can think of in those categories is likely to be included. Perhaps more exciting, many that will be new to you are there as well. (Many will no doubt have a list of people who should have been included and perhaps object to some that are included, but even Bill Pearl has limits.)

As if that wasn’t already enough to make Iron Game aficionados laugh and cry, the third volume includes top photographers, writers and historians, along with photos and brief bios of the winners of the most famous physique contests (AAU Mr. America, NABBA Mr. Universe, IFBB Mr. Olympia, Arnold Classic). Volume 3 also tells the stories of The Scottish Highland Games, early Muscle Beach, The Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen, The Oscar Heidenstam Foundation, The York Barbell Hall of Fame, and The Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports.

Co-authors Tuesday Coates and Richard Thornley, Jr., also contributed to the trilogy. Many more who contributed in one way or another are acknowledged at the beginning of each volume.

See below for more details on the contents of each volume.

(If you’re not familiar with Bill Pearl’s unparalleled career as a bodybuilder and his earlier books, see my commentary on his Beyond the Universe autobiography http://www.cbass.com/BillPearl.htm )

Order Now

We are now shipping Legends of the Iron Game. Each soft cover volume is $39.95 + $6.60 shipping. We are out of the 3 volume set and only have left Volumes 2 & 3.

People (Legends) are covered in chronological order based on their date of birth. For example, Volume 1 begins with Thomas Topham, born in 1710, and ends with Jack LaLanne, who was born in 1914. Volume 2 covers George Redpath (1915) to Sergio Oliva (1941). Finally, Volume 3 begins with Franco Columbu (1941) and ends with Dexter Jackson, who was born in 1969; it also includes major physique photographers, historians, major contest winners, and so on as outlined above.

For more details on each volume--and to actually page through the first volume--visit www.billpearl.com

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