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                                                                                                                   Posing Suits for Men and Women










































(Go to Men's suits below)      (USA only, we do not ship internationally)

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__________________________ - Women's Posing Suits


All suits are nylon-lycra. We have 4 wet colors and 19 regular colors - colors shown below. Women's suits are $34.95 each. We charge only $1.00 extra for mixed sizes. Shipping is $4.60 for 1 and $1.00 each additional. Priority shipping and handling is $6.70  for 1 and $1.00 each additional in USA. Foreign shipping is higher.

For best fit please call to order 505-266-5858, [M-F, 8-5 Mountain time]. We need to know your height, competition weight, and bra cup size. We carry sizes S, MED, L, XL, XXL, XXXL in tops and bottoms, so no matter what your configuration, we can probably fit you.

Satisfied customers say: "Your suits are the most comfortable I've every worn."
"I'll remember your great service next time."


We offer two styles for women: both have the same top, a sliding triangular top. What differs is the bottom:

Style A has gathering up center front (no gathering in back).

Style B has no gathering and is a more rounded center front.

Back coverage


Call (505) 266-5858), FAX (505) 266-9123 or e-mail (cncbass@aol.com)

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 Men's Posing Suits

--Style A------------------Style B----------------Style D----------Style D, Side

bulletStyle A: 1 inch side, center front seaming, almost full coverage in back
bulletStyle B: 1/2 inch side, center front seaming, almost full coverage in back
bulletStyle D: 1/4 inch side, no center front seaming, comes higher up on sides, coverage in back is not full coverage.

Made of nylon-lycra material. We carry 4 wet colors and 19 regular colors (see below) All suits $23.95 + $4.60 shipping for one first class, + $1.00 shipping for each additional suit or $6.70 shipping priority for one, $1.00 shipping each additional in USA.
 It is always best to order posing suits by phone so we can fit you properly. Call (505) 266-5858 [M-F, 8-5 Mountain time].
Normally size range is: S (to 140) MED (to 175) L (to 200) XL (210 up)
These sizes, of course, are dependent on your height and weight. If you have questions call. We have fit many people and can make a pretty good guess about proper sizing.

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(These colors are only approximate because of the limitations of monitors.)

Posing suits are $34.95 + shipping for women, $23.95 + shipping for men.



Top Row
: Royal Blue, Navy, Kelly Green, Turquoise, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange
Second row: Salmon, Purple, Hot Pink, Neon Pink, Gold, Yellow, Brown
Third  row
:  White, Black, Watermelon, Red, Gunmetal, Silver/Gray)
    (10/2014 - we only have enough Silver fabric left to make a men's suit)
 Fourth row
: Wet Red, Wet Black, Wet Yellow, Wet Royal Blue


Customer Service: Phone (505) 266-5858 [M-F, 8-5 Mountain time],
FAX (505) 266-9123, e-mail (for questions only, no orders) cncbass@aol.com
Address: 528 Chama, N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108 USA or PO Box 51236, Albuquerque, NM 87181-1236

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