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From The Desk Of Clarence Bass

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AOBS Reunion Dinner in Pictures 

(For full details on AOBS award, go to “What’s New 3”)


Clarence at lectern with artist Jim Sanders
(holding painting), AOBS President Artie Drechsler
 (holding plaque), and MC Steve “Mighty Stephan” Sadacario
(Mike D’Angelo photo)

Clarence thanks AOBS for award (see full text
of acceptance remarks on “What’s New 3”)
(Tom MacDonald photo)

President Artie Drechsler flanked by Clarence
Co-Honoree Clyde Emerick (Former Olympic
lifting world record holder) proudly displaying their loot
(D’Angelo photo)

Tommy Kono, two-time Olympic and six-time world weightlifting
champion (see article 74), applauds award presentation
(D’Angelo photo)


Clarence (obviously standing in a hole)
thanks Fred Yale for great introduction
(Carol Bass photo)

Clarence greets former AOBS honoree
Kenny Hall, who’s still collecting physique
trophies at 75
(Carol Bass photo)

Clarence with good friend Tom MacDonald and
Father Jim Schwertley (see “Success Stories 1”
 and acceptance remarks)
(Carol Bass photo)

Clarence and Carol chat with Jan Todd, PhD,
Co-Editor of Iron Game History
(Tom MacDonald photo)

“Mighty Stephan” Sadicario, who
 performed his strong man act as well
as "EM-CEED," hams it up for Carol’s camera.
A man of many talents, Steve composed
and delivered a rap tribute to AOBS founder
 Vic Boff, who passed away recently.

Honorees schmooze. A pioneer strength coach,
Clyde has been with the Chicago Bears for more
 than 30 years.
(Tom MacDonald photo)

Clarence with old weightlifting buddies Skip
 Harrison (left) and Paul Ash. Skip and Clarence
 competed against each other in the national teenage
 championships (Skip won). Paul was a world class
198-pounder when Clarence was New Mexico and
Southwest champion
(Carol Bass photo)


Clarence in hotel lobby with friends Kenny Hall (left),
 Coach Ian “Merciless” Mercer and Olga DeSantis
(masters physique competitor)
(Al DeSantis photo)

Clarence (clutching his painting)
and Carol at the end of a wonderful
(Tom MacDonald photo)

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