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Clarence Bass' Ripped Enterprises
P.O. Box 51236, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87181-1236
Street Address:  528 Chama, N.E, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108, U.S.A.
(505) 266-5858 [Monday - Friday, 8-5 Mountain Time]

E-mail: For questions only, no orders: cncbass@aol.com  (Please do not send e-mail attachments.  Our company policy prohibits downloading attachments.)
In business since 1980, you can be sure your order will be handled in a professional, secure, and timely manner.

ordering and shipping
 we do not ship internationally - only in the usa
 foreign orders please see amazon.com which carries our books.

We have listed several book combinations and single books below.  However, if you want to order books in combinations not listed, send us a question by e-mail and we will tell you how to do this so that you don't have to pay more postage than necessary. 
Questions about Products or call 1-505-266-5858.

USA SHIPPING:  Please note the difference in delivery times for media class shipping (used to be called 4th class) (about 1-2 weeks after shipping) and priority shipping (3 days or so after shipping) These times do not hold during holidays.  FOR NEW MEXICO ORDERS: NEW MEXICO RESIDENTS MUST ADD TAX.  PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL FOR INFORMATION.


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Special USA promotion

ALL 10 RIPPED BOOKS + 3 RIPPED DVDS:  $229 AND FREE SHIPPING (almost a 25% savings on books and postage)
USA Special Promotion

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Phone consultation

Phone consultation $200. US  
Phone consultation

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3 book Ripped Series Special:
(a $5.00 savings when all three Ripped books purchased together) :
All three Ripped books $39.95 + $4.60 shipping media class (USA) or
$39.95 + $6.70 priority shipping (USA) 
To order the Ripped books individually
go to the Ripped books page
Bodybuilding Books:  Ripped Book Series and scroll down
3 Book Ripped Series special 1,2,3 book series


3 book Lean Advantage series Special:
All three Lean Advantage BOOKS $30.00 + $6.70 priority shipping USA;
or $30.00 + 4.60 media shipping USA;


32 book Lean Advantage Series Lean Advantage Books + shipping

Lean For Life:
USA only:  $16.95 + $6.70 ($23.65) priority shipping ;
or $16.95 + 4.60 ($21.55) media shipping USA;

Lean For Life Book book




Challenge Yourself:
USA only:  $20.95 + $6.70 ($27.65) priority shipping ;
or $20.95 + 4.60 ($25.55) media shipping ;
Challenge Yourself


Great Expectations:
USA only:  $24.95 + $6.70 ($31.65) priority shipping ;
or $24.95 + 4.60 ($29.55) media shipping
Great Expectations book


Take Charge:
USA only: $25.95 + $4.60 media shipping ($30.55)
or $25.95 + $6.70 priority shipping  ($32.65)
Take Charge book


3 Ripped DVDs Special:
USA shipping only: All 3 DVDs for $94.95 + $6.70 ($101.65) priority shipping USA


33 Ripped DVD Special Ripped DVDs

USA shipping only:  2 DVDs for $62.95 + $6.70 ($69.65) priority shipping
Let us know which two DVDs on ordering form 
2 Ripped DVDsDVD


USA shipping only: 1 DVD for $34.95 + 4.60 ($39.55) media shipping
or $34.95 + $6.70 priority shipping ($41.65).  Let us know which
USA shipping only:  1 DVD for $34.95 + $6.70
($41.50) or $4.60 media mail
1 Ripped DVD


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bulletIf you have questions before ordering, or would like to order these books or DVDs in combination with others or any of the products below, please call 1-505-266-5858 or e-mail :  Questions about Ordering
bulletRecommended Books, Videos, DVDs, Posing trunks & Photos (postage is in addition)

Beyond Crunches  video or DVD- $29.95 (Pavel)
Bill Pearl/Dave Draper Seminar DVD +30 page Conversation Booklet $29.95
Bodybuilders Drugs & Sex  (book) - $24.95
Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great (Stuart McRobert) (book) $39.95
Classic Collection of Rare BB & WL Films #1 (video) - $39.95
Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength DVD (Mike Mahler) $39.95 
Keys To Weight Training for Men and Women (DVD and video, each are $19.95)
Legacy of Iron $24.95
Legacy of Iron: Clouds of War $24.95 (or both Legacy $49.95)
Power To The People - Video only $29.95 (Pavel)
Power Unlimited DVD $29.95
Russian Kettlebell Challenge (Pavel's book) $34.95
Sandow The Magnificent - $30.00
Sport of Olympic-Style Weightlifting:  Training for the Connoisseur $22.95
Strongest Man in Recorded History, The (Paul Anderson DVD) - $39.95
YogaHands™ DVD, $24.95 + $5.60 shipping]

Ripped Seminar Series (3 audio cassettes) - $29.95 + $5.60 shipping priority

Color photos (Beach @ 54, Peak @ 60, & Challenge Yourself) are 3 for $25 or $10.00 each + $2.50 shipping
               The Fab Ab -and Abs in The Foothills - and Clarence at 70 photos are $15 each + $2.50 shipping
                All 6 photos:  $60.00 + $2.50 shipping


Posing suits: Male: Sizes : S Med L XL, $23.95 + $4.60 (1st class) or $6.60 (priority) for 1 suit, $1.00 each additional suit shipped. Postage out of USA higher.
Sizes: S Med L XL XXL XXXL, $34.95 (mixed sizes $1.00 more) + $4.60 (1st class) or $6.60 (priority) for 1 suit, $1.00 each additional suit shipped. Postage out of USA is higher.
It is always best to call regarding posing trunks so we can fit you properly.

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Customer Service: Phone or FAX (505) 266-5858 [M-F, 8-5 Mountain time],
 e-mail (cncbass@aol.com) for questions only
Ripped Enterprises: P.O. Box 51236, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87181-1236
or street address:  528 Chama, N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108, USA

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Ripped Enterprises, P.O. Box 51236, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87181-1236
or street address: 528 Chama, N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108,
Phone or FAX (505) 266-5858, e-mail: cncbass@aol.com ,
Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8-5, Mountain time.

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