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Bryan Bowker, Top Notch Endurance Athlete, Is Interviewed

When Jürgen Reis, the super lean and fit Austrian sport climber, visited with us for the second time earlier this year (2008), he met and interviewed our long-time friend Bryan Bowker. To understand Bryan think Ultra Marathon Man Dean Karnazes, at 61  http://www.cbass.com/DeanKarnazes.htm .

Bryan called us about 25 years ago and our common interests have kept us in contact. He was about 35 and preparing to run what many consider the toughest endurance race in the world: The Western States 100, a cross-country run which starts in Utah and ends in Nevada, with 38,000-feet of elevation change in between, including snow and ice, bridgeless rivers, and steaming desert. Those who complete the race in 24 hours or less are presented with a much coveted “Western States 100” belt buckle. Bryan got his buckle on the first try. Moreover, he was one of the freshest runners in the finisher’s tent. (The interview covers his pacing techniques, along with insights on hydration and glycogen replenishment.)  

He has since completed the famous Leadville 100-mile mountain-bike race and finished 40 triathlons, usually in the top 3. He’s now making plans to tackle XTERRA off-road triathlon competition (swimming, mountain biking and trail running) when he turns 65.

His current body fat is 4.4%. (He talks with Jürgen about eating to become and stay this lean, and the muscle wasting that can come from unceasing endurance training.)

It’s not unusual for him to run uphill on his treadmill for 90 minutes with his heart rate at 90% or better. 

Bryan’s an elite endurance guy. But he’s much more than that. He’s been a veterinarian for over 30 years. With a huge client base of 11,000, he now limits his practice to cats and dogs. He flies a power glider taking off from a runway next to his animal clinic and home, located about 35 minutes east of Albuquerque. Bryan’s married, has several grown children and is an active member of the Mormon Church.

If you get the idea that he’s a fascinated guy with a very full life, you’d be correct.

Do I have your attention?

To learn much more about Bryan, his diet, and his training, visit Jürgen’s website and click on Podcast # 130. Like many of Jürgen’s Podcasts, it begins and ends in German, with the interview portion in English. The talk with Bryan begins at about 6:20 minutes and runs for about 33 minutes, ending at 39:20.

Enjoy! http://www.power-quest.cc/  Use the search (Suche) feature and type in Bryan's name. While you're there, check out Jürgen's interviews with Purposeful Primitive author Marty Gallagher (126) and many times Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman (136).

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