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COOPER CLINIC: Clarence’s Ninth Visit

Report by W. Lynn McFarlin, MD

Selected Excerpts

Dr. McFarlin's report on my latest visit to the Cooper Clinic at age 69 is an amazingly detailed 10 pages, plus various reports and lab results; most of it is routine and of little interest outside of our family. These are the bottom-line findings we believed would be of most interest to our visitors.

Overall: I am delighted with the findings of your evaluation.

General: Height: 65.7, Weight: 158.6 pounds. The patient is a lean, muscular, fit appearing 69 year old male who shows very good insight into his health and fitness.

Fitness: Today’s bicycle stress test reveals a superior category of aerobic fitness with your exercise performance placing you in the top 5% for men your age.

Blood Lipids: Overall persistent healthy panel with cholesterol of 159, HDL 65, LDL is slightly higher than desired at 82, cholesterol HDL ratio is 2.4, and triglycerides 59. 

Blood Pressure: He has a history of white coat syndrome...; however, his ambulatory pressures are consistently less than 120 systolic and 80 diastolic. I encourage you to continue to monitor ambulatory blood pressures regularly. [See article 104 in our Fitness & Health category.]

Heart Risk: Your risk for obstructive coronary artery disease is felt to be low based upon today’s healthy lipid panel on medical therapy with Lipitor 20 mg daily, today’s normal exercise stress test, and today’s CT angiogram which shows only minimal to mild atherosclerotic development. There are no lesions that represent anything greater than 20% blockage in the coronary arteries; a high risk lesion would require a 70% or greater narrowing….It is imperative to maintain good control of your risk factors. [See article 188, Fitness & Health category.]

Testosterone: Serum testosterone is normal at 479 with a normal range of 241-827. No hormone elevation is needed.

Hip Replacement: He underwent an anterior approach right hip replacement in January 2006. His right hip function and range of motion are remarkable and do not limit his ability to maintain low impact exercise. [See article 161, Fitness & Health category.]

Impression: I again congratulate you on maintaining a lifelong commitment to exercise, cardiovascular fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. As [cardiologist] Dr. Ho stated, your lifelong commitment to exercise continues to effectively decrease your overall mortality risk and allow you to maintain a very active lifestyle and be mentally engaged in your career promoting health and fitness in others. Keep up the good work.

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