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Denie Doodles

Denie Walter, known in bodybuilding circles by his first name, was the first to photograph me in a gym setting after I won my class in the 1978 Past-40 Mr. America. I’d talked to him on the phone, but I don’t believe we’d met in-person. He came up to me shortly after the trophy presentation and asked, “Would you like some publicity?” The next morning I was in Gold’s gym, which was located in Santa Monica at that time, being photographed for Muscle Training Illustrated. Denie was the Editor-In-Chief of MTI. A few months later, the photos appeared in a terrific multi-page spread. I was pleased with Denie's photography; the gym shots turned out very well. You'll find some of them on pages 97 and 100 of my first Q & A book, The Lean Advantage. Denie and I have been friends ever since.

Denie was also the first to put my photo on the cover of a muscle magazine. I’ll never forget how it happened. I sent him one of the photos taken by Allen Hughes in the foothills east of Albuquerque. The photo was excellent, if I do say so myself; Allen did a wonderful job. A week or so later Denie called. He said, “You know that photo you sent? (Long pause) We’re going to have to put it on our cover.” He called again a few days later to warn--or razz--me that Dan Lurie, the publisher, was complaining that the top of my head was a little fuzzy. I guess Dan got over it, because a short time later, there I was, bald head and all, on the front cover of the February 1981 MTI.  See below. (The Hughes photo also appears on the cover of my book Ripped 2)

Denie also visited with us in Albuquerque and took wonderful photos of me being weighed under water at Lovelace Medical center. One appears on page 20 of The Lean Advantage. My favorite, however, is on page 246 of the same book. It shows me suspended in a metal chair submerged up to my shoulders, holding an open and clearly visible copy of my book. The caption reads: “According to Denie, the East Coast editor of Flex magazine who took this photo, I’m never without a copy of Ripped.

Denie’s latest effort in my behalf springs from photos taken by the pool of a Las Vegas hotel on the occasion on the 1981 National Bodybuilding Championship, where I was one of the judges. Denie was there to take contest photos, and we’d arranged beforehand for him to photograph me during a break in the competition. We again got some super photos--it was a magic shoot. One of them appears on page 44 of Ripped 3. Another one, probably the best of the lot, is the photo facing the title page in The Lean Advantage 2.

A third photo from the memorable Las Vegas shoot is the reason why I'm recounting my happy and productive encounters over the years with Denie. He now spends much of his time creating fantastic physique images on his computer. He calls them “Denie Doodles.” He recently surprised me with a computer-enhanced version of the this last photo. The original photo and the enhanced version appear below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Believe I'll stick with the real me.


 Real life and bigger-than-life version of Denie’s photo, taken by the pool in Las Vegas.

For more Denie Doodles, visit Denie’s website: http://community.webtv.net/Ironco/DENIEIRONCOWORLD/

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