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Forum Slam to Legends to Wikipedia

The last month or so has been quite a time. A wise-guy fitness forum contributor labeled Clarence a “one body part wonder willing to eat like a fashion model and do cardio 2 hours a day to have abs.” Happily, opposing views were also expressed. In the same time frame, Clarence showed up in Bill Pearl’s long-awaited Legends of the Iron Game—and on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

Bill Pearl had quizzed Clarence and asked for photos a few years back, so we were not surprised that he included Clarence among the Legends in his history of physical culture and strength training. The revelation was the scope and quality of Pearl’s tome, which begins with China’s Chou Dynasty (1121 to 249 BC) and fills three volumes, including 1000 pages and almost as many photos. (For more details, see our coverage http://www.cbass.com/LegendsoftheIronGame.htm )

Computer users are familiar with Wikipedia, the encyclopedia written collaboratively by knowledgeable volunteers and subject to editing by anyone with access to the Internet. Wikipedia is the largest and most popular general reference work online and ranked seventh among all websites by Alexa. Having cleared the “person of importance” hurdle, the piece on Clarence is in the process of being edited. Anonymous volunteers have already done yeoman service addressing the concerns. Apparently, this is par for the course on new entries and, hopefully, the issues will soon be resolved.

Interestingly, an “external link” added by volunteers is to other University of New Mexico School of Law alumni on Wikipedia; of the 10 listed, Clarence is the only one not a politician. The others are former Governors, US Congressmen, US Senators, Attorney Generals, etc. Clarence breaks out of the mold as a bodybuilder and fitness writer.

An apparent offshoot of the Wikipedia entry was called to our attention by power lifting legend Rickey Dale Crain. Paging through the September 5-11, 2010 issue of American Profile, a weekly supplement to his Oklahoma hometown newspapers and many others, Rickey spotted Clarence’s name in the "Tidbits” section, which contains Did You Know? pieces on people and events in that region of the country. Set off from the others in bold brackets was a Tidbit reading “New Mexico—Bodybuilder and fitness writer Clarence Bass, born in 1937 in Albuquerque, remains fit in his 70s. Bass has won various titles…and was selected as one of the top 100 graduates from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.” Sweet, and so unexpected.

For those who want to know what else Wikipedia says about Clarence, here’s the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarence_Bass

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OldStudent Blog Features Heavyhands, Scooby, and Clarence

Alan OldStudent (My actual first name is Alan, I am a senior citizen, and I consider myself a lifelong student. Hence the pen name, Alan OldStudent) called to ask about using a photo of Clarence on his blog. He said he was writing a fitness article about Heavyhands, Scooby, and Clarence. Having detected a somewhat conservative bent on our site, he warned that his blog presents "a view of the human condition from the Left."

That made his call all the more interesting. People of varying political persuasions can, of course, have common interests. We believe in self help, and it seems that Alan does as well.

A visit to the OldStudent site revealed musing on many topics, including "physical culture, art, politics, music, history, computers, technology, and most of all, the human condition." Sounded fascinating. We granted permission to use the photo, and eagerly awaited his piece.

It's now online, and we believe you'll enjoy it. While Alan has a clearly stated point of view, he's a very courteous and thoughtful gentleman. Check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think. You'll find a note from Clarence in the "Comments" section at the end of the article. The OldStudent website address is www.alanoldstudent.com

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Jürgen Interviews Clarence 4th Time

Jürgen Reis, the World Cup sports climber from Austria, never runs out of enthusiasm--or questions. He has just posted his fourth interview with Clarence to the Power-Quest website. (Earlier interviews are Podcasts 7, 91 and 150.) As before he begins with an introduction in German (9:30 min) and then launches into an interview in English (60 minutes) covering fresh topics, including continuing great expectations, lifetime learning, training the brain, role models, simple diet and training principles, regular meals, staying active between workouts, the size principle, muscle fiber activation studies, effort-based training, overemphasis on willpower, creative application of the ownership principle, and much more.

Jürgen says the interview is "breaking all current download records." Check it out and see why: Go to www.power-quest.cc and click on Podcast 234 or type “Clarence Bass” in the search window (Podcast-Suche).

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Ageless/Timeless Features Clarence

Ageless/Timeless is a website created by George Kattouf to feature individuals age fifty and above who demonstrate physical prowess that has a timeless quality. (Kattouf is an exemplar.) Those featured may exhibit ageless characteristics in one or more areas, including speed, flexibility, strength, endurance, and physique. Clarence is the seventh person featured and the first bodybuilder. The others include a martial artist and champion power lifter, a world record sprinter, the oldest NCAA varsity football player, a very fit and muscular female physician, a 300-pound World's Strongest Man competitor, and a Yoga Grandmaster. Our descriptions do not begin to do justice to these individuals. Feature length articles tell their unique and inspiring stories.

To read George Kattouf's articles on Clarence and the other featured athletes visit www.agelesstimeless.com. It's a one-of-a-kind site with terrific photos and an inspiring message.

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Growing Bolder Asks: Best Year?

Clarence was among those asked by Growing Boulder (see below) to tell about their best year. For his answer, along with many others, visit www.growingbolder.com and scroll down to the "Thought Leader" window. You'll enjoy the many perspectives.

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Clarence Interviewed on Muscle & Strength Website

Clarence's age-75 training goal and much more in Steve Shaw's just posted (December 2009) interview:


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Reality-Based Fitness Interviews Clarence

Keats Snideman, who grew up in Santa Fe and now operates an impressive fitness training facility in Tempe, AZ, interviewed Clarence during the last week in October (2009). Keats has become a recognized leader in the fitness and wellness field; he and his twin brother Franz have visited with us and we are very impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm. You can read all about it on his Reality-Based Fitness website: http://www.coachkeats.com While you're there, listen to Podcast # 9 - Clarence Bass Interview; it's wide-ranging and runs about 43 minutes. We also suggest a visit to his "Philosophy" page, which summarizes his training and coaching philosophy. You'll see why we are high on Keats and his work in health, fitness, sports performance, rehabilitation, and nutrition.

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Clarence on Growing Bolder and Entrepreneurial Excellence Radio Shows

Clarence's inclusion in Lee Bergquist's new book Second Wind http://www.cbass.com/SecondWind.htm led to a spot on Growing Bolder, a superbly produced radio show aimed at active baby boomers. Based in Florida, the program is hosted by former NBC-TV Sports Directors Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer, CEO and Executive VP, respectively, of the Growing Bolder Media Group. These guys are real pros who do their homework and conduct a dynamic interview. They have many terrific guests, who recently included Rachel Veitch, a 91-year-old lady who gained fame by driving her 1964 Mercury unassisted cross-country, and country music legend Tanya Tucker, who has a new album out after an 8-year hiatus. Clarence had a lot of fun on the show. His segment runs about 9 minutes; you can listen to it commercial free on www.growingbolder.com . Just click on Clarence's name and sit back and enjoy. While you're there, be sure to browse their impressive website.

The second interview--on Frank De Raffele's Entrepreneurial Excellence Radio Show--is longer, about 40 minutes. The focus is on people in business, and how being  fit and healthy helps you be better at everything you do, including being a more excellent entrepreneur. You can listen on www.EERadioShow.com . Hit "archives" and scroll down to Clarence on June 25, 2009. You'll find that the interview is divided into 5 stand-alone parts. If time is limited, you can skip the introduction in Part 1 and start with Part 2 where the Q & A begins. If you don't have time to listen to the whole program, the division into parts makes it easy to come back later and take up where you left off.

The Growing Bolder spot is a super warm-up for Frank De Raffele's more detailed questions and Clarence's longer answers. We urge you to listen to both interviews. You won't be sorry, we promise.

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Martial Arts Illustrated Interviews Clarence

Clarence has made his first substantive appearance in a martial arts magazine. MAI, the UK’s leading martial arts magazine, featured him in a terrific 5-page spread, including photos (March 2009). Regular columnist Idai Makaya interviews Clarence on “Protecting Your Joints” and training to stay strong, fit and mobile over a lifetime.

Idai Makaya is an authority on martial arts conditioning and human physical performance. Makaya has worked in the healthcare industry for many years in a variety of senior management and executive roles. His work has covered Britain, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. He has a degree in biology and chemistry.

Idai did a wonderful job. The whole piece is online. We believe you’ll enjoy it:  http://idaimakaya.com/?page_id=1040

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Jürgen Posts New Interview with Clarence

Far Reaching and Comprehensive

When Jurgen visited with us in for the second time (Summer 2008), he wanted to interview Clarence for a third time. (The first two are Podcasts 7 and 91 on his website www.power-quest.cc .) Clarence begged off, saying it was too soon for another interview. He finally consented, however, on the condition that Jurgen hold the interview until it would be Podcast 150.

It’s amazing how Jurgen has become such a prolific interviewer, going from Podcast # 7 (with Clarence) to 150 in only 12 months, roughly one every 2.5 days. He must have his hand-held recorder available at all times; he might even sleep with it for all we know. The range of people he has interviewed is remarkable. Interviews in English include many time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman (136), journalist and power lifting champion Marty Gallagher (126), Warrior Diet guru Ori Hofmekler (56), UK sports physiotherapist Chris Boynes (129), ultra-endurance athlete Bryan Bowker (130), and international sport climbing champions Salavat Rakhmetov (108) Serik Kazbekov (109) Maksym Petrenko (110) and Francois Legrand (60), and kettlebell pioneer and entrepreneur Pavel Tsatsouline (155). Coming soon are interviews with Scott Abel (Trainer/Author/Bodybuilder) and Charles Poliquin (widely known Strength and Bodybuilding Coach)

We are honored that Jurgen considered Clarence worthy of a third interview. Jurgen travels all over the world as a professional sport climber and meets a wide range of people. Very intelligent and friendly, he enjoys hobnobbing and learning from accomplished people in the sport and fitness world. Fortunately, his Podcasts make it possible for everyone to benefit from his energetic and curious nature.

Check out his latest session with Clarence. We wondered how he was going to come up with new things to talk about, but he did. Far reaching and comprehensive, the English portion begins at 6 minutes and runs to 57:00. Topics covered include (there's more): training alone or with a partner, HIT versus volume, hip-belt squat, hard-easy training, training on consecutive days, consistent training, best time to train, finding time to train, matching energy to workouts, keeping blood sugar level, workout calorie burn, hunger as survival mechanism, steroids and lifetime training, President Bush’s commitment to fitness, father’s influence, German language Lean For Life. Go to www.power-quest.cc and click on Podcast 150 or type “Clarence Bass” in the search window (Podcast-Suche).

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Montage of Clarence and Carol on You Tube

Laszlo Bencze has put together a montage of some of the photos he took in June of 2007, added music, and created a moving video. Some of the photos appear in Great Expectations, but many more have never been seen before. The video includes 69 images and runs 3 minutes and 56 seconds. Check it out on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNwgmFsFsOk   

Tell your friends if you enjoy it; we believe you will. Your feedback, positive or negative, is welcome. We're interested in your opinion..

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Bare Essentials, an Aussie Magazine for “Women of Action,” Interviews Clarence

Inga Yandell, the editor of Bare Essentials, interviews Clarence in the September/October 2008 issue. To read the interview, click on the cover, hit “Contents,” and then scroll down to pages 18-19:  http://www.bare-essentials.com.au/subscribe-now

While you’re there, checkout the “Letter from the Editor” on page 6-7 to learn about that issue and get a sense of the magazine as a whole. You’ll find the scope of that issue—and the magazine—ambitious and inspiring.

Here's Inga’s message to everyone: “We need to look within- for it is the courage to take charge of our lives that will transform who we are and where we are. The Bare Essentials is about realizing we are all that is required to make an impact on how we live, what we do and who we B.E.come!”

Inga tells us she will be interviewing our "evolutionary fitness" friend Art De Vany in an upcoming issue, so you might want to visit Bare Essentials from time to time.

If you have a comment for Inga about her interview or the magazine, email her: inga@bare-essentials.com.au

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Jürgen and Clarence Discuss Great Expectations for European Audience

Jürgen Reis, the super-fit Austrian sport climber who visited with us early in 2007 (article 181 in our Personalities category), interviewed Clarence about his new book, Great Expectations, for internet radio in Europe. The commentary before and after is in the German, but the interview itself is in English. Jürgen says he read Great Expectations several times and proved it with excellent questions; topics covered include core principles, no-diet dieting, dangers of overdieting, metabolism and age, joint preservation, value of change, overload and aging, swimming upstream against aging, “perfect” at 70, and much more. You can listen in from Jürgen’s website www.power-quest.cc  Click on Podcast 91; the portion in English runs from 5:40 to 37:28. You’ll enjoy it; the voice quality is excellent.

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Wide World of Health Interviews Clarence

Author and fitness advocate Cary Nosler, host of the Wide World of Health program on Talk 650 KSTE in Sacramento, did an unscripted hour-long interview with Clarence on April 6, 2008. Cary has been doing the show for 15 years and does a wonderful job. He does his homework and asks excellent questions. His guest list is longer than both of your arms, and includes Jorge Cruise, Udo Erasmus, Ori Hofmekler, Wayne Westcott, Sharon Begley, and Sally Fallon. To listen to the interview (without commercials) use this link and click on “listen” for the 4/6 Hr 1 broadcast: http://www.talk650kste.com/pages/nosler.html

NPR Interviews Clarence on Uniform Eating

KCRW, Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate, recorded an interview with Clarence on April 21 for their Saturday Good Food program. They arranged for Clarence to go to the studios of KUNM, the NPR affiliate located on the campus of the University of New Mexico, where program host, Evan Kleiman, conducted the interview from their studios in Santa Monica. Clarence is usually interviewed by phone, so this was something special.

The topic was uniform eating, which Clarence wrote about in his first book, Ripped, and again on this website after learning that Drs. Oz and Roizen recommended the "automatic eating" in their 2006 bestseller YOU on a Diet. The recent article (199 in our Fat Loss and Weight Control category) apparently caught the attention of Good Food producers.

Jessica Spaulding, one of about six producers working on the show, contacted us and did a pre-interview with Clarence, which was another first.

Evan Kleiman, who has been doing the show since 1998, asks very good questions—she’s a longtime restaurateur, teacher, and gardener. Clarence enjoyed talking with her about how to make uniform eating work. She volunteered that she thought she would try uniform eating, which is quite a commitment for a restaurant owner, who is also a renowned chef and cookbook author. She'll be able to create a really tasty and satisfying eating plan

You can listen to the interview live, or later on Podcast, from the KCRW website: http://www.kcrw.com/etc/programs/gf  (May 10, 2008 show)

http://www.kcrw.com/media-player/mediaPlayer2.html?type=audio&id=gf080510geoduck_clam_mothers .

The interview with Clarence is scheduled for inclusion in the Saturday, May 10, 2008, show, which will air 11 am to 12 noon, Pacific. Your can also listen to many other recent shows, including an interview with author Michael Pollan on January 19, 2008. You’ll find much more about Evan there as well.

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