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Robert Kennedy Has Died

We’ve lost a giant in the mold of Bernarr Macfadden, Bob Hoffman, and the Weider brothers. Robert Kennedy succumbed to cancer at his home north of Toronto. He was 73. (Who would’ve guessed that Joe Weider would outlive them all?)

Born in the UK, the son of school teachers, Robert Kennedy did things his own way and made it work far beyond the dreams of ordinary men. He left a publishing empire of six magazines, including his flagship MuscleMag International and Oxygen for women. He also launched a string of 26 fitness stores and a clothing line. In addition, he wrote 53 books, including Hardcore Bodybuilding, a New York Times bestseller. Robert Kennedy Publishing also produced the best-selling Eat-Clean Diet books written by his wife Tosca Reno.  

While I only saw Robert Kennedy in person a time or two, we exchanged many letters and talked by phone. He serialized my first book Ripped in MuscleMag—and later called it his favorite bodybuilding book.

I vividly recall seeing him at the venue of an important bodybuilding competition in the ‘70s; somewhere in Florida. Easily recognizable to an early reader of MuscleMag, he was a nondescript guy in a rumpled suit darting around making notes. You’d never have guessed how successful he was to become.

Kennedy operated just across the border into Canada, near the Great Lakes, in a parallel universe from other major bodybuilding publishers, with his own large staff and crop of bodybuilders, men and women—and kept piling success on success. By the time he was done, he was the sharpest dresser in bodybuilding publishing, and an industry trend setter for the ages.

Great job, Bob! We’ll miss you.

Bob Kennedy is survived by his vivacious and talented second wife Tosca and four daughters. His only son passed away last year at 23. His first wife died a while back.  

Checkout this personality-packed photo from Robert Kennedy Publications; it captures Bob's indomitable spirit:


And from Mag World, the most detailed account of Kennedy’s world we’ve found: http://magazines.humber.ca/magworld2008/profiles/sahbakhalili.html

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