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[Scott Richter is an equity mutual fund manager, specializing in energy and healthcare. He’s a regular guest on CNBC and FOX business channels. He’s 48, with a wife and three children, ages 7, 5, and 3. He’s been athletic his entire life, but has had trouble staying lean and fit while meeting his family and professional responsibilities. He trained, weights and aerobics, and was careful about what he ate, but wanted to do it better and more efficiently. He was one of the first to take advantage of our new 2-day consultation program, which includes both weight and aerobic sessions with Clarence. He volunteered to share his thoughts on the two days he spent with Clarence and Carol.]   

Going From “Knowing” to “Knowing How”

By Scott Richter

Let it be known that I was a bit intimidated when I scheduled my 2-day visit with Clarence and Carol Bass – Mr. and Mrs. Ripped – when I thought about the awards, the books and magazine column, and the physique. WOW. But I was tired of getting stuck with my workouts, plateauing; tired of being inconsistent, and burning out.

It was my goal to move from knowing what to do “in theory” to actually knowing “how to” do it. I wanted to maximize my lifestyle choices so I could be around longer for myself and my family. I also wanted to be a good example for my young family. Little did I know how much difference two days with my “lifestyle mentors” would make.

First, Clarence and Carol are gracious hosts, friendly and genuinely concerned about making a difference in a client/visitor’s life. The two of them are very sharp regarding their areas of expertise. Clarence is the authority on fitness, weight control, resistance training, and aerobic workouts. Carol is the authority on nutrition, food selection and preparation, and her own brand of fitness. The consult days are “full” intensive days. The days go from morning till dusk, allowing plenty of time to discuss and think about your approach to exercise and nutrition. You exercise both your body and mind – so be prepared. We did both resistance and aerobic interval workouts (which are a short part of the time there), but more importantly, we lived the Bass lifestyle and discussed (at length) how those principles might become an enduring part of my lifestyle and that of my family.

Let’s talk about whether the consult-visit was worthwhile. Well, that’s pretty easy – and a very loud YES. Why? Well, I lived two days with Clarence and Carol and learned from them all along the way. I experienced, first hand, what it takes to plan and execute a productive workout, what it takes to have more constructive thoughts on nutrition and eating satisfaction, what it takes to modify workouts so I can grow and challenge myself for a lifetime – not just the next 90 days. We covered it all – planning workouts, meals, aerobic workouts, and then making them happen in the real world. That’s key, making it work in the real world. We also talked about the mental aspects of goal setting, successes, and handling failures. You name it – we talked about it and it was customized for my situation. 

I know what you’re thinking -- Yada, yada, yada. But did you get results once you got home?  The answer is - I did. Better appetite/weight control. Better, more satisfying workouts. Better muscle feel and response. More challenging - and enjoyable - aerobic sessions.  I’m feeling better in a large way.

Plus, my blood sugar and cholesterol are normalized for the first time in a long time?  Bottom line – it was and continues to be a worthwhile experience – one I would encourage any fitness-minded person to explore. 

Lastly, let me list the major takeaways from the visit. They apply to me, but would likely apply to anyone considering a visit.

bulletYou can implement it – This experience is real world. You can take it home and change what you’re doing (workouts/eating/planning) to change your life for the better. How many seminars and classes have you been to that got you excited, but when you tried to take their message home to change your life you were left flat? This is very different—reasonable, practical, far-sighted.
bulletIt’s customized - This is not a cookie cutter approach. Clarence and Carol survey you in advance and plan the visit around your situation and goals. Your solution is based on your experience, your goals, your equipment, and your needs. This isn’t a copycat approach - not at all. Clarence and Carol make sure you go home with all the information needed to make some real change in your life. It’s all about you.
bulletYou experience it, you do it - Whether you’re in the gym with Clarence or in the kitchen with Carol, you get hands on! You lift it. You row it. You hike it. You plan it. You prepare it. You taste it. You get sore and feel what it’s like to do a high intensity workout. You do the intervals. You learn more than just reading it in a book because you lived it, experienced it, survived it. This makes a huge difference in understanding and implementing. You will really understand the Bass lifestyle after your visit – this is not just “knowing” it’s “knowing how.”  It’s a huge factor in making change.
bulletSave time and “stupid taxes” – Clarence and Carol are up to their ears in knowledge. They have decades of experience, method, research, rules of thumb, and mistakes ready for you to benefit from. Clarence has an unbelievable network of physicians and athletes keeping him plugged into the latest and greatest happenings. I can tell you this - you will save yourself innumerable hours in the gym, on the internet, or at the nutritionist by tapping into them and not wasting your time, effort or energy (aka “stupid taxes”) to progress.
bulletUnderstand progress options – When I ended my visit, I finally had an appreciation of the options I had to move forward. Put another way, I had new ways to look at the world of working out and eating. Options I had not considered before. Having more options at your command is empowering. You are less likely to be stuck than before, because you can see more ways forward. Not everything works for everyone – so you need to know to change course when results slow or stop. In the old days when I was stuck, I‘d just do the same thing but try harder – then burn out. In retrospect, this was a poor choice with limited flexibility. How, you ask, are things different now – well, I have an almost infinite number of options for fitness and nutrition! For example, why not change work-rest patterns? Hmm. Why not change rep range or manner of performance? Hmm. Why not alternate hard days and easy days? Why not add intervals once per week? Hmm. Why not try slow, dumbbell deadlifts? Hmm. Why not try no-lock reps? Hmm. Why not try soy based, fat-free mayo? Hmm. Why not try some flax seeds for texture and omegas? Hmm. I left with so many more options than when I started. More important, I have a far better comprehension of how to think long-term about diet and training – how to keep progressing in one way or another. That goes for both the physical and mental/emotional dimensions of my well being. This is big for me – and was my missing link if you will. It’s a game changer for me.

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It was a super experience for me. I wish I had done it sooner. The experience is like that of Clarence’s “Ole Reliable” breakfast cereal – it sticks with you. If you do a visit, it will likely stick with you, in a positive way, for a lifetime. Do you homework, pull together your questions, and then explore – I think you'll be surprised how many windows open for you..

Scott Richter
July 2010

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