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Wayne Gallasch Wins Rowing Gold in New Zealand

Update: Wayne Obliterates Australian & World Records  

Our long-time Aussie friend Wayne Gallasch won four Gold Medals in indoor rowing at the 2012 New Zealand Masters Games. Twelve countries competed, including the USA. Wayne cleaned up in the 65-69 age group, lightweight class, winning at 2000m, 1000m, 500m, and 300móall on the same day. It was an amazing performance. We expect him to be the best in the world at 500m next year when he moves into the 70-79 age group. (More details on the New Zealand competition below)

Clarence introduced Wayne to indoor rowing, and was rewarded by having Wayne beat his pants off. You can read more about Wayne on our Success Stories page: http://www.cbass.com/success_stories4.htm and again in our Aerobic Exercise category, where Wayne tells about competing at the 2003 British Indoor Rowing Championship in Birmingham: http://www.cbass.com/WayneBirc.htm

Finally, you can learn all about his recent experience in New Zealand on the GMV website (link below). As youíll see, Wayne's wife Tina also trained for the event, but was unable to compete because of an injury. Tinaís story is an inspiration in itself; she has taken to rowing like a duck to water. Like Wayne, she is a dogged  competitor.  What's more she's an excellent coach:  http://www.gmv.com.au/default.asp?pageid=newsArticles& template=news&nid=202&cnid=1&site=1 (lower right of page).

Wayne visited with us a few days ago and worked out with Clarence. Preparing for the recent rowing competition has him looking terrific. Heís about 10 pounds lighter than when we saw him last and has leaned out all over his body. He has muscle from head to toe that few men half his age can match. A combination of weight training and rowing has done wonderful things for him. Unfortunately, it canít do anything about his gray hairóbut at least he has hair.

GO WAYNE! We are proud of what you have done and salute you.

[You can see both Wayne and Tina rowing on our Third Ripped DVD, Motivation: http://www.cbass.com/Video.htm ]

Update: Wayne Goes on Record Setting Spree

Wayne is an indoor rowing machine! A few days before turning 70 on May 30, 2012, he broke his own 500 meter Australian record in the men's 60-69 lightweight class with a time of 1:33.9, 0.6 faster than his old record. Twelve days after turning 70, he smashed the 500 meter world record for lightweight men 70-79 by 4.2 seconds; his time was 1:34.2. The old world record was held by Dean Smith of the USA, set 7 years ago.

Wayne now has his eye on Roger Bangay's 1000m record. Great Britain's Bangay holds world records for men his weight and age from 1000m to marathon (42,195m). He's the current world champion at the classic and very competitive 2000m, having prevailed at the 31st annual Crash-B Sprints held earlier this year in Boston. Bangay is a certified legend. He and Wayne are good friends; Bangay is respected around the world and Wayne is the new guy on the block. Breaking one of Bangay's records would be an epic achievement. If anyone can do it, Wayne can.

For full details on Wayne's world record, including a video of the record row, go to www.gmv.com.au and click on What's New. Scroll down to "Record Row" or try the following link:  http://www.gmv.com.au/default.asp?pageid=whatsNew&template=TESTIMONIAL

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