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From The Desk Of Clarence Bass (www.cbass.com)

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TAKE CHARGE Takes Flight

Here is my little story on how “Take Charge” nearly took over the flight!

I recently had to work in Darwin shooting the video of the Northern Territory Bodybuilding Championships, entailing a flight of almost 4 hours from my home in Adelaide, South Australia. I figured this was the perfect time to sit back and read Clarence’s new book TAKE CHARGE, without any interruptions! However that was not to be the case.

Seated on the aisle, I was reading TC where the page open happened to be a page displaying a photo of Clarence. The senior Qantas
flight attendant asked me what was I reading. I was a little surprised, as no flight attendant in all my 43 years of regular flying has ever asked me a similar question. I explained that it was a fitness training lifestyle book by my good friend Clarence Bass from USA. The flight attendant told me that he was also into fitness training as he competed in triathlons, and did a lot of gym training. As the flight was only half full, and he was not rushed off his feet, he asked to have a quick look at the book.

It soon came up in the conversation as to how I had met Clarence, and subsequently made 3 Ripped DVDs with him, and how Clarence had introduced Tina and I to indoor rowing back at the end of 2002, and so on. He subsequently noted the segment and photo in the book about my own rowing exploits and world record. He then asked me to come down to the front of the aircraft as he wanted to introduce me to the Captain, a former Rugby footballer who was presently “a bit out of shape” due to his many past sporting injuries.

The Captain came out of the cockpit and we chatted for 15 minutes about Clarence, his achievements, this new book and his 10 books, his web site URL and so on. It was obvious that this guy was really interested in regaining his own fitness and health. He subsequently had the Flight Engineer also come out and meet me. More chat about the book as well as general basic fitness ideas and suggestions as he was hungry for information.

This was quite an amazing experience, and I have never had anything remotely similar happen before.

To meet with the Qantas Captain, Flight Engineer and Senior Flight Attendant was very special. All thanks to reading TAKE CHARGE. The Flight Attendant and I exchanged email addresses (he lived in Perth) so that he could email me any questions if he wished. Just prior to leaving the flight, he presented me with a bottle of top quality Aussie white wine as a small thank you gift!

 I almost completed reading the whole book on this flight north, and read it again on the return flight! No more bottles of wine however!

TAKE CHARGE is a fantastic book and one of the most important and valuable training philosophy books I have ever read. It is a must read.

Wayne Gallasch