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Take Charge: 
Fitness at the Edge of Science
by Clarence Bass


Book Description

Science keeps uncovering information that opens up exciting new paths to health and fitness—and Clarence Bass writes about them. He keeps training, learning, and writing. TAKE CHARGE: Fitness at the Edge of Science, his tenth book, is a comprehensive examination of the latest findings: Strength, Endurance, Cognition, Aging, Health, Nutrition, Dieting, and Personality. Clarence explains what he does in each area and why—and then helps each reader choose the way that suits him or her best. He shows how he uses the new information as a guide for his readers as they search for their own way to health and fitness.

“The paths to success in fitness and health have never been more open and diverse,” Bass writes. “We can take charge in ways that suit us, ways that we enjoy and do best.”

For example, there are many forms of resistance training that build strength and muscle. Some of them also build aerobic capacity. On the other hand, some forms of aerobic exercise also build strength. What’s more, both strength training and aerobic exercise improve brain and other bodily functions. Another emerging area is diet dynamics, expanding our understanding of the idiosyncrasies of dieting and weight loss.

That barely scratches the surface of the wondrous opportunities opening up to people willing to take charge of their bodies and their lives.

The last chapter profiles six Take Charge People: the author’s father, a truck driver, a high powered businessman, a divorced mother of two girls, a law professor, and a married couple from Australia who are setting indoor rowing records. “We can benefit from their examples,” Bass writes, “not by emulating them, but by appreciating their uniqueness and drawing inspiration to find our own way.”

In a Postscript, the author explains his training routine, in brief. He pinpoints what he believes to be its single most important element.

Help yourself live longer, stronger, and healthier—TAKE CHARGE

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Clarence has provided a thought-provoking book that fearlessly flies in the face of a number of “carved in stone” beliefs currently being eroded by the waves of research.  It is refreshing to read a text that examines the old truths under the harsh yet revealing light of scientific discovery.

Joseph F. Signorile, Ph.D., Professor of Kinesiology and Sports Sciences, University of Miami, and author of Bending the Aging Curve

I like to think of this book as the untold solution to this nation’s health-care crisis.  If more people in this country would take charge of their own health and fitness, their own quality of life would go way up and national health-care costs would go way down.  This book gives everyone the tools that they need to make that happen.  Backed by the most cutting-edge scientific research, Take Charge also tells the reader how to apply the lessons of those studies to improve their own training.  I have read all of Clarence’s many outstanding books, and this one is clearly the best of them all.  Perhaps more than any other fitness author out there, Clarence lives what he writes.  Once you check out the photos of Clarence at age 75, you will want to read this book if for no other reason than to answer the question, “How in the world does he do that?”

Daniel Keating, Tyrrell Williams Professor of Law, Washington University in St. Louis.


 Trade Paperback (6 X 9), 226 pages, 42 photos, $25.95 + shipping ($4.60 media or $6.60 priority)

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