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Phone or In-Person Consultations

Let Clarence and Carol Help You Take Charge of Your Diet and Training

What to expect and how it works

Scheduling is easy:

It's helpful (but not required) to read one or more of Clarence's books before setting up a consultation. We recommend Lean For Life and our new book, Take Charge. However, any of our books will help make your consultation more productive; the focus of each book is explained on our Products page. After reading one or more of our books you’ll have the basic information on our lifestyle (diet and exercise), allowing us to concentrate on your individual needs and concerns.

Tell us about your goals and the problems you're having. We'll also need background information such as age, weight, training experience, medical problems, along with your current diet and training program. This information allows Clarence to prepare to talk or visit with you. The more detail you give, within reason, the more productive the consultation is likely to be. Be sure to highlight the areas where you’d like our help; be specific about your problems and areas of concern.

Call or email (contact info below) when you're ready to schedule the consultation and we'll answer any questions you have.

Price and information on phone consultations:

Telephone consultations with Clarence are reasonably priced at $200.00 (plus NM tax if you are a NM resident). There is no time limit, but phone consults generally last about an hour. (You pay for the long distance call.) Consulting by telephone allows you to ask questions; the give and take makes the consultation more helpful.

We have continued to do telephone consultations during the 2020 pandemic, and are now recommending telephone consultations before any more extensive consultations (such as the one-day in-person consultations).  As of April 2021 we have not started scheduling one-day consultations.

Price and details on in-person consultations:

You can also come to Albuquerque for one day.. Most people arrive the night before and get settled down at a nearby hotel. We pick you up the next morning for breakfast with Clarence. What happens after that depends on your situation; we map out a plan specifically for you. Most people are interested in sharing meals and snacks with us, learning calorie control techniques and proper food selection, discussing their own diet, training, and motivation problems--whatever is necessary to help you achieve your goals.

The day-long consultation is $1,250 ($1,000.00 each for two people) + New Mexico sales tax. 
(A reservation charge of $500 is required when you schedule an in-person consultation. Should you have to cancel, $250 will be refunded if notice is given a week or more in advance. Under normal circumstances, the reservation charge will be applied toward the consultation fee.)

What people say about our telephone and in-person consultations:

Please thank Clarence for me. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him on the phone. It has helped me enormously. All of a sudden my thinking about training and diet has become so much clearer. The consultation fee is the best money I have ever spent on training. His insight is so logical and quite simple. I think the problem is the fitness industry has become over complicated. I cannot thank Clarence enough. David 

Clarence, I still feel that your in-person consults--this was my third--are one of the best bargains in the fitness industry. It was obvious to me that you spent quite a bit of time evaluating my pre-consult letter, and designed a program of training/eating specifically for me and my lifestyle, using your principles. This was no "canned program" where everyone is told to do the same thing, but an in-depth evaluation and analysis of how I can apply your principles to my rather hectic lifestyle! I appreciate you both tremendously! Ed McElroy, DDS, El Paso, Texas

Contact information: Call (505) 266-5858 [M-F, 8-5 Mountain time] or e-mail: cncbass@aol.com

Come for a New Mexico vacation and do a consultation while you're here:  Experience our southwest culture with its Indian and Spanish influences (Santa Fe is only 60 miles to the north). The Spanish Market www.spanishmarket.org (usually in July) and the Indian Market (usually in August) are in both Santa Fe although these dates will probably be changed because of the pandemic 

Or attend the annual International Balloon Fiesta held each fall in October in Albuquerque (www.balloonfiesta.com), visit old town Albuquerque www.albuquerqueoldtown.com , take a trip on the world's longest aerial tramway (2.7 miles) to Sandia Peak www.sandiapeak.com , or take in a minor league baseball game with the Albuquerque Isotopes www.albuquerquebaseball.com . Or go further up north (135 miles) and visit quaint Taos known for its art and nearby skiing in the winter.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can drive south from Albuquerque one hour in the autumn and see tens of thousands of birds which gather at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge http://www.fws.gov/southwest/refuges/newmex/bosque/ .

From opera buffs (Santa Fe Opera www.santafeopera.org - normally June through August) to those looking for a great skiing vacation or a unique cultural experience, New Mexico has it all. Come once and you'll want to visit again and again!  

*  *  *

Another comment about our in-person consultations:

Let it be known that I was a bit intimidated when I scheduled my 2-day visit with Clarence and Carol Bass – Mr. and Mrs. Ripped – when I thought about the awards, the books and magazine column, and the physique. WOW. But I was tired of getting stuck with my workouts, plateauing; tired of being inconsistent, and burning out.

It was my goal to move from knowing what to do “in theory” to actually knowing “how to” do it. I wanted to maximize my lifestyle choices so I could be around longer for myself and my family. I also wanted to be a good example for my young family. Little did I know how much difference two days with my “lifestyle mentors” would make. Read More


Still undecided? Read the reflections of Dr. Kevin Fontaine and his 16-year-old son Joshua: Surpassing Great Expectations: Our Weekend with Carol and Clarence Bass: This past July (2009), my son Joshua and I (see Success Stories 10 & 11) made our way to Albuquerque to spend the weekend with Carol and Clarence Bass. Joshua was about as excited as he could be because he’d read most of Clarence’s books and now he was going to meet “Mr. Ripped” in the flesh. What I found most gratifying was that Clarence seemed as excited as Joshua. They hit it off right away. From the moment Clarence asked, “How much are you weighing these days?” Joshua knew he was in for a weekend filled with advice, instruction, and information; information that he could never get from a book or from his old man. Imagine, spending time with someone who has over 50 years of experience managing training and dietary practices to produce optimal results! That, coupled with Clarence’s encyclopedic knowledge of bodybuilding and its history, made for an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. Read More  

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or street address: 528 Chama, N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108,
Phone (505) 266-5858, e-mail: cncbass@aol.com . Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8-5, Mountain time.

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