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Fitness Success Stories
We've heard many success stories over the years, and here are some of them that are especially noteworthy and inspiring.

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bulletSuccess Stories (18)
Roy's Reps at 80
Maintaining Leg Strength in 80s Using Experimental Techniques
South Australia Wonder Woman 
bullet Success Stories (17)
New Study on Walking and the Brain
Better Bones and More
Globetrotter Stays in Shape With Bodyweight Exercises and Resourcefulness
Mom Shows How To Avoid Falling
My Health Surprise
bulletSuccess Stories (16)
Commando Going Strong Again
"Staying Active During Life's Curveballs"
Royal Marine Commando Battles Brain Hemorrhage - with exercise
Two Middle Aged Men Meet the Challenges of Aging (In the Pool - On the Mountain)
bulletSuccess Stories (15)
Lake Front Training Spurs Gains
Hip Replacement in Canada - Germany for Anterior Approach
The "Real" Biggest Loser Winner
High Effort, Under-Distance Pays Off
A Professional Man's Life of Fitness
Victory at 60 - Stepping out of the Gym Brings Unexpected Accolades
Pioneer Woman Bodybuilder Strives for Aesthetic Perfection
bulletSuccess Stories (14)
What a Difference A Scale Makes
Exercise Helps Man Cope With Loss of Wife
Suzy's Healthy Kids Program takes off
Renewed Passion
Man Finds New Sport at 56 - Aims for the Podium
bulletSuccess Stories (13)
Female Muscle at 71
From Supersized to Lean & Mean
70 Year-Old Stays Ripped His Way 
Nine-Year-Old from Heaven
bulletSuccess Stories (12)
Surgeon/Athlete's Extreme Challenge
Barbell Aerobics Strategy Works
UK Security Expert Discovers Tabata Protocol
bulletSuccess Stories (11)
From Bruce Lee to the Hulk
Ownership Principle Sparks Norwegian Lady's Success
Saving Johan's Hip
A Truck Driver's Story:  On The Road To Fitness
Norwegian Lady One Year Later: Building on Successes

bulletSuccess Stories (10)
Trigger Point Therapy Relieves Back Pain
Law Professor Thrives On Short, Efficient Workouts

Abs Like Bruce Lee - at 13
bulletSuccess Stories (9)
Mariam Power (All-around School-Girl Athlete, Powerlifting Champion, Physique Model)
From Athlete to Fat Man and Back
He's A New Man!
Fitness Training Strengthens Father-Son Bond
Husband Spreads Addiction
Contest Condition in Five Weeks
bulletSuccess Stories (8)
Success Story:  Leanness Put Wind at Your Back                  
Skydiving Lady Loses 60 pounds
Traveler Fights Family History of Heart Disease 

Lifestyle Controls Rare Diabetes
bulletSuccess Stories (7)
Head Trainer Changes Gear   
The Full Tabata/5K Story  
Lifestyle Change Surprises Doctor
bulletSuccess Stories (6) 
Husband Reads, Wife Loses 50 pounds
bulletSuccess Stories (5) 
1.  Therapist Walks Talk      
2.  Tina Finds Her Sport - at 55 
bulletSuccess Stories (4) 
 1.  Fired Up By Gains After 60 
 2.  Patience Key to Losing Last Stubborn Fat Deposits
bulletSuccess Stories (3)
1.  Lifetime of Lifting Produces Archery Gold
2.  Senior Aussie Archer Conquers New Bow
3.  Runner Sees Dramatic Change in Leanness After Adding Weight Training  

4.  Transformed by Evo lifestyle
bulletSuccess Stories (2) 
1. Scottish Bodybuilder Trains Less - and Thrives   
2. Once-a-week Training Works For Busy Family Man 
3. Tabata Protocol Produces PR in Rowing 
4.  Diet Change Helps Aspiring Golfer 
5. Challenge Fires-Up Doc's Workouts
6. Eclectic Approach Produces Gains During Recuperation

bulletSuccess Stories (1)   
1.  A family story
2.  Physique competitor reports results with and without carbs  (6-Year Update)
3.  Woman runner starts winning after weight training.  New Goal:  Olympic Team
4.  Father Jim: 60 years of training - and counting








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