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A Pictorial Presentation of Clarence's Training Results from Age 15 to 84



“This is incredible! Thank you so much for alerting me to it. You have likely done something with your life that no one else in the world has ever done or probably ever will. Through unfailing life-long consistency and careful documentation you have shown the role that high intensity exercise, endurance, and excellent nutrition can contribute to the maintenance of maximum human physical function throughout the life span. Your life is a superb case study that will probably be referred to forever. Congratulations, and thanks!”

Waneen Spirduso, Professor Emeritus, The University of Texas at Austin, Co-author Physical Dimensions of Aging (Human Kinetics, 2005)


Clarence at 15, the beginning

At 19, Olympic Lifting

At 24, nails squat snatch


Age 27, Olympic Lifting Builds Muscle Mass

Age 36, with son Matthew at age 2

Age 36, starting to think about physique competition


Age 40, Mr. America Past 40, Short Class


Age 41, Most Muscular Man,


Age 42, Sandia Mountains (ALLEN HUGHES)

Age 43, Albuquerque park (BILL REYNOLDS)

Age 44, California beach (BILL REYNOLDS)


Age 44, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV (DENIE WALTER)

 Age 45,  California studio (JOHN BALIK)

Age 46, our Albuquerque Gym (WAYNE GALLASCH)


Age 50, Sandia Foothills (APPELMAN)

Age 51, running on treadmill   (APPELMAN)

Age 52, squatting in our gym  (APPELMAN)


Age 53, setting personal record on rower (CAROL BASS)

Age 54, California beach (CHRIS LUND)

Magic at 60  (PAT BERRETT)


More at 60 (PAT BERRETT)

Still got it at 65, in studio (PAT BERRETT)

Showing his stuff at 65 (PAT BERRETT)


Clarence at 70 (PAT BERRETT)

Biceps and more at 70 (LASZLO BENCZE)

Ripped to the bone at 75 (LASZLO)


How about those abs at 75? (LASZLO BENCZE)

75 and happy, after day-long photo shoot  (LASZLO BENCZE)

Age 77, who says old guys don't have quads?  (CAROL BASS)


       Everyday condition at 78 (CAROL BASS)



Everyday condition at 78 (CAROL BASS)


Everyday condition at 80 (by Carol Bass)


Abs and Quads at 83 (by Carol Bass)

Arms at 84
(by Carol Bass)



Clarence and Carol after foothill intervals




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or street address: 528 Chama, N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108,
Phone or FAX (505) 266-5858, e-mail: cncbass@aol.com ,
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