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Dan Lurie, Last to Go, at 90

Hoffman, Weider, and Lurie, in that order, were the big three muscle moguls in my early years of lifting. They all made the New York Times at the end. Dan Lurie was the last to go, at 90, on November 6, 2013. He never stopped promoting bodybuilding. “Health is your greatest wealth,” was his slogan.

My first “direct” contact with Dan Lurie didn’t come until I turned my focus to bodybuilding in my 40s. I'll never forget it. Denie Walter, Editor-In-Chief of Lurie's Muscle Training Illustrated, called. “We’re going to have to put you on our cover," Denie told me in a very serious voice. “Dan is complaining that your bald head is a little fuzzy,” he teased, “but we’re going to use the photo anyway.” 

My one and only front cover on a major muscle magazine is shown below. I was on the back cover of the March, 1984, Iron Man. Both covers were framed and now adorn the wall of my office at Ripped headquarters.

I talked to Dan on the telephone and exchanged a few emails some years later. He was always up beat, friendly, and full of life. In one email, I congratulated him on his website and new book and, referring to the famous photo of him arm wrestling President Reagan in the Oval Office, asked “Who won?"

“Reagan beat me twice,” he replied. “Next week I’ll be 76,” he added. “Feel great. Be well.”

To learn more about Dan Lurie’s very full and productive life, read his obituary in the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/09/nyregion/dan-lurie-90-star-and-promoter-of-bodybuilding-dies.html?_r=0

Good job, Dan. Rest in peace

The February 1981 Muscle Training Illustration
Photo of cover by Carol Bass

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