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                                                                                                                   Lean For Life: Stay Motivated - and Lean - Forever
                                                                                                             by Clarence Bass









































The fitness trend of the new millennium and beyond is balanced training - aerobics and weights. The trend is clear, but questions remain: what? when? & how? Clarence Bass shows the way in Lean For Life. He explains, day-by-day, how to combine weights and aerobics - plus sound nutrition - to achieve total fitness, permanent fat loss and the ultimate physique. Lean For Life includes interesting and challenging keep-you-motivated training routines for high-tech aerobic equipment such as treadmills, indoor bicycles and rowers. In fact, the critical issue of motivation is emphasized throughout. This book presents a lifestyle approach that will make and keep you lean - for life! 240 pages, $16.95 plus $4.60 shipping media class in USA or $6.70 priority shipping in USA.  We do not ship internationally.  International orders please see Amazon which carries our books..

What Readers say about Clarence Bass' books:

"As a 44 year old physician who sees patients all day long who struggle with the effects of excess weight and poor diet I applaud you and thank you for your excellent and sound work. I've just finished Lean For Life and Challenge Yourself and am just so impressed that I felt I had to write you a short note. Your books, all of them, will find a place on my short list of books I can honestly recommend to my patients. I thoroughly enjoy your writing style, attention to detail, and commitment to time tested research. My sincere thanks."

"Last year I purchased:  Ripped 3, Lean For Life & Challenge Yourself.  Each taught me something different and useful, from recipes to training or general health info.  Last week I began to re-read Lean For Life.  I think it is the very best health/fitness/weight training book I've ever read!!!  Your programs work and so do the eating habits put forth!  I have made more progress in the past 15 months than in the previous 5 years of high volume training (weight & aerobic).  Sensible is the way to go."

"What a life changer!  Thank you for doing what no muscle mag has been able to do for me:  give me a clear, concise training and diet plan!"

"I am a 58 year old personal trainer and keep up monthly with the new information on your web page.  I bought Lean For Life and Challenge Yourself and have been extremely pleased with the quality of the information and value of your books.  It amazes me how you stay on top of the state of the art, and even set it, in exercise and nutrition."

"Clarence, your books make me feel like a close friend is talking to me.  You always present evidence for both sides of an argument and let the reader make up his or her mind.  I like that .  Your writing is clear, articulate and I appreciate your sense of humor sprinkled throughout the books.  You are not boastful (although you certainly have the right to be)."

A 48-year-old female reader wrote:  "I recently purchased Lean For Life and Challenge Yourself.  These books are wonderful!  I've finally found a "program" I can get my arms around!  While I doubt I'll be following your exercise program as you designed it, what I will do is adhere to your philosophies and methods...and insert my own preferences for exercises.  I am already incorporating your nutrition and eating habits and can see and feel a difference in a short time.  (I love your website because you give in-depth answers to questions I have but don't know where to go for an answer.)  You continue to motivate me to be MY personal best and this has been a tremendous help.  I no longer want to be like "her" or "her" I just want to be the best I can be!!!"

Clarence, your books were both a revelation and an inspiration to me. They were like listening to the advice of a fitness mentor that I had never had, but more importantly, they also imparted to me your philosophy of life, challenges, and adapting to the physical changes age brings to us all. More importantly, they worked! Especially Lean For Life which has become dog-eared from use."

"The evolution of your training has been fascinating, the breadth of your knowledge remarkable, and your ability to bring it all together in a logical package always insightful and challenging for those of us looking for someone who can truly lead by example."

"I tried other methods but I keep coming back to your books. Nothing else works - and keeps working."

"I read Lean For Life several years ago and it has kept me going more than any other thing I've read."

"I am the doubting Thomas that thought the fewer set, fewer day training routines were for the weekend athlete. UUGGGH! I couldn't have been MORE mistaken! ...My strength is going through the roof---I have set lifetime records in the Bench, Squat and Deadlift!!"

Review excerpt:

Master Trainer, the newsletter for lifetime bodybuilders and master athletes written by health psychologist Richard Winett, Ph.D.: "Lean For Life is Clarence Bass' sixth book and it is clearly his best effort. That is saying a great deal because I consider Bass' Ripped series (3 books) and The Lean Advantage series (3 books) the best training and nutrition (lifestyle) books available." "...In the past, Bass' books have had a great following and major influence in the world of bodybuilding and strength training. In a real sense, Lean For Life is a "cross-over" book. Bass is trying to reach out to a larger audience including people new to any kind of training and sound nutrition plan. If Lean For Life is accepted and read by large cross-sections of our population - which hopefully it will be - Bass will now have significant impact on the health and welfare of countless people."

Review Link

For a review of Lean For Life that appeared in  Johns Hopkins Weight Management Newsletter written by Kevin Fontaine, Assistant Professor of Medicine, GO

Excerpt from the book

For the bottom line secret of long-term success in diet and training, learn about the "Ownership Principle;" Go to excerpt from Lean For Life.

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Lean For Life Book $16.95
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We do not ship internationally.  International orders please use Amazon which carries our books.

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Lean For Life book


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