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These are cassette tapes which have not been transferred to CD format.

3 hours of Clarence Bass on losing fat, gaining muscle and staying fit and lean. (Our three most popular tapes now offered as a group)

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The tapes are summarized below. The tapes complement - not replace - the books. Of necessity the books contain more details, while the seminar tapes serve to highlight the most important points.

New Special: All three tapes for $29.95 + 7.35 shipping, priority (USA) - a 25% savings over the purchase of tapes individually.

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The Ripped Classic:

Recorded in 1980 after the publication of Ripped, Bill Reynolds (then Editor-in-Chief) of Muscle & Fitness goes one on one with Clarence in an hour-long question and answer session. Begins with Clarence's background and then details the training regimen he used to achieve 2.4% bodyfat and win his class in the Past-40 Mr. America and Mr. U.S.A. bodybuilding competitions. The core idea behind the ground breaking Ripped diet - and much more.

Ten Years Later: Lifestyle For Leanness:

David Prokop, former Assistant Editor of Runner's World and Senior Editor of Muscle & Fitness talks with Clarence about Periodization for bodybuilders, the aerobics problem/solution, the Cooper Clinic medical and fitness evaluations, turning 50, new developments in bodyfat tests and lifestyle for success. Want to learn about the only respectable and proven fountain of youth, and renew your training enthusiasm? Then don't miss this tape!

Stay Motivated!:

An hour-long cassette tape about staying motivated. Clarence explains what has kept him training for more than 40 years - and how his experience can help you achieve your fitness goals. Clarence was asked by the state Strength & Conditioning Association to present his ideas on this topic - now you can benefit from the experience of this elite athlete!

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