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                                                                                                                   The Ripped series of books by Clarence Bass








































The RIPPED books are timeless. They have stood the test of time. You'll find recent 5 Star reviews on Amazon for all three books. If you haven't read these books, now is the time! You'll be glad you did. Order now!


The Ripped books may be purchased individually, or as a package of 3 with a $5.00 savings.  THE SPECIAL PRICE FOR THE THREE IS $39.95 + $7.75 shipping priority mail USA or $39.95 + $4.60 shipping media class USA.  We do not ship internationally.  For international orders please visit Amazon which carries our books.

Ripped: The Sensible Way To Achieve Ultimate Muscularity

This is Clarence's first book, a bodybuilding landmark now in it's twelfth printing. Ripped describes, step-by-step, Clarence's road to achieving a championship physique; the rights and wrongs of diet and training -- and how he achieved the astounding body fat level of 2.4% We believe Ripped is the most scientifically documented and detailed account of bodybuilding success ever written. Backed by 15 body composition tests performed by the world famous Lovelace Medical Center, Clarence explains how he won his height class in the Past-40 Mr. America and Past-40 Mr. U.S.A. contests, and the overall Most Muscular Man award in the U.S.A. contest. Ripped is Clarence Bass' personal, planned path to winning. It will help you find your own path to a leaner, harder body.
Get ripped. 88 pages. $12.95 + $4.60 shipping media class or $7.75 priority shipping USA.

What the experts say about Ripped:

Joe Weider, Publisher of Muscle & Fitness and Shape magazines: "...A superb text for people who want to lose bodyfat and retain muscle tissue - men, women, fitness-minded individuals and competing bodybuilders. In a superb personal memoir Clarence Bass has developed a cornucopia of fully-documented, easy-to-understand information. Great reading."

Bill Pearl, Five times Mr. Universe and author of Keys To The Inner Universe and Beyond the Universe: "Read Ripped and then read it again..."

What readers say about Ripped:

"Your first book in the RIPPED series states that you investigated lots of diet options before settling on your plan of limiting calorie dense foods and eating uniformly. I breezed by this too quickly and missed the powerful message embedded in your understated plan. I did not get it, that you did your homework and developed a plan so others would not waste their time reading the copious amount of material available on diet and exercise." 

"The simplicity of your approach conceals its effectiveness. I thought to myself repeatedly, there must be something else, something Bass missed. I was wrong! You have captured the essence of a simple, easy to maintain diet and exercise plan. The only missing ingredient is patience. Patience must be provided by the individual. The explicit message for readers could be, "...don't be intimidated by my physique and success, this plan works for a broad range of people, and it will work for you too..." (In 2003, I moved from 325 pounds to 285. I continued to improve in 2004 and I'm now closing in on 240.)"

"I have never seen a set of books so comprehensive in terms of health and longevity, physique and aerobic fitness (as all of your books).  Most books I read and give away.  Yours have been read, re-read, underlined and highlighted.  I have never seen so much current relevant and practical info in one set of books."

"I have purchased and read four of your books, Ripped 1,2,3 and Challenge Yourself.  Excellent material, insight and effort.  In my opinion you are one of the most (if not the most) level-headed advocates of fitness and health.  I would have to say the fact that you Walk-it, Talk-it, and Live-it, impresses and motivates me the most!  You are an inspiration to me and have helped me to strive to be the best I can in many aspects of my life, not just fitness. In the past year and a half I have managed to lose approximately 75 pounds of fat and put on approximately 15-20 pounds of muscle.  You seem to be calling us all higher.  Thank you."

"One of the things that make your books different are the occasional glimpse into an experiment or situation that you encountered, like the section about how your father never pressured you into training.  Instead gave you the opportunity to if you want to. It reminded me of a piece in your Ripped column in M&F where you told of the time when you gave your son a set of weights for Christmas, and how his reaction wasn't quite what you expected.  I have a teenage son and daughter. I would love to get them into weight training, but it isn't high on their list of priorities at present, still maybe one day."

"After being in decent shape and during a few periods great shape, from about age 18 to 28, I fell into the fat trap in my late twenties, gaining tons of weight, losing lean mass and becoming a cardiovascular nightmare.  I bought your books about a year ago and in the first three months of using your diet, combined with cardio and resistance training, I dropped 51 pounds (227 to 176) and five waist sizes (40 to 35).  Those pounds never came back."

"At last, someone who has delivered substance and no flash! I cannot remember the last time that I was so excited about reading anything. I have never read anything else that even comes close to explaining the material in such a comprehensive manner."

"I like the fact you don't simply tell your readers what to do; instead, you provide us with splendid examples of HOW to think and work through bodybuilding problems."

"I've read a lot of books on bodybuilding and always felt confused. I wish I had read your books first, I could have saved myself some money."

"It's one of the few books on fitness that lives up to it's advertising."

---"Dieting never worked until I tried your method. The results? I've lost 16 lbs. This is the best I've ever looked. And I did it easy. [Ripped ] is simply the best bodybuilding book around."

"Ripped is a book you read once, and remember for a lifetime."

"I started your diet weighing 225 with a 39" waist. Today I weigh 185 and my waist is 32".

"I went down to the local library and picked up your books:  Ripped 1-3.  I was very, very impressed and I kicked myself for not reading your books sooner.  You have the secret and the lifestyle that I have been longing for ever since my youth."

"What made it so helpful to me was that you let the readers see how your mind went through a journey from frustration to victory."

Ripped 2: Lose Fat! Stay Lean! Gain Muscle!

The book that people asked for after reading the bodybuilding best-seller Ripped. Experts have said that it's the best weight training book ever written. In it you'll find often overlooked topics such as the need for rest, why hard training is not always best, how to coax long-term gains, plus the role of aerobics in fat reduction, and the all-important subject of staying lean (your ultimate challenge). Included are dynamite sections on achieving peak condition and training psychology.
170 pages, $15.95 + $4.60 shipping media class or $7.75 priority shipping USA only.

Expert comment:

Robert Kennedy, Publisher of MuscleMag International and author of many bodybuilding books: "...Probably more than anyone else in competitive bodybuilding, Clarence Bass has made a science of staying lean while holding muscle size."

Readers' comments:

"I am 46 years old and have been working out since my teens.  As you can imagine I have tried just about every workout routine in existence.  Since reading Ripped 2 my progress is moving like it did in my teens (no kidding). I now train three times per weeks working just two bodyparts each session.  My workouts are never longer than one hour.  I want to thank you for giving me the progress I thought was over, in half the time.  Your book Ripped 2 is not a book, it's a training bible!"

"I have read just about every book you have out, but nothing is more informative in my opinion than Ripped 2."

"Recently ordered your Ripped series books in September and am amazed at how well my body is responding to your diet and exercise philosophy.  I have been lifting weights for 7 years but you would never have known it because even though I am a lot stronger than many other women my age you really couldn't see any muscle other than biceps, at age 45, 5'3" and ranging from 124-127 lbs with a 30 inch waist.  I noticed your advertisements in Muscle & Fitness for the last 5 years of my subscription but never attempted to read your books because I thought your philosophy would be way too hardcore for me and thought only a starvation diet could achieve your physique.  I am very pleased to say that since I started your meals and exercise routines on 9/23/00 I now weigh 119 with a 26 1/2 in waist.  I am actually starting to see those stomach muscles below the fat and feel wonderful about the fact that I am never hungry and have a lot more energy."

"I am writing to thank you for the advice on both diet and training for a contest.  You gave sound, almost too easy advice on how to change your physique and not feel miserable in the process.  I have dieted many times using the high protein, high fat and low carbs but had yet to have results like this.  This year I will step on stage about 20 lbs. more than last year.  I am much fuller, stronger and have been boasted as being in the best shape my partners have seen me!"  

---"Ripped and Ripped 2 contain the most pertinent diet and training advice on the market."

---"As an exercise physiologist, it's refreshing to see such accurate, well-researched data presented in such an easy-to-understand manner."

---"Beautifully written and absolutely inspirational."

---"I lost 120 lbs. You changed my life."

Ripped 3: The Recipes, The Routines & The Reasons

Ripped 3, the last book in the famous Ripped series, continues the quest for the ultimate body. It contains 22 fully explained meal plans for eating to become lean the sensible, no-hunger way. Included are multiple training routines for achieving maximum muscle, adapted from a training model developed in the former Soviet Union called periodization. Research shows that this system, based on success, is the best way to train - and gain - year after year. This book also explains how to achieve the fat loss benefits of aerobic exercise without stalling muscle building progress. All together in Ripped 3 you have the three-part formula for achieving and maintaining lifelong leanness and a superior body: proper food selection, aerobic exercise and weight training.
195 pages. $15.95 + $4.60 shipping media class or $7.75 priority shipping USA only.

Readers comments:

"Three months ago, I purchased Ripped 3.  I have become a Ripped eater and my family is stunned.  I was a junk food junkie who now eats fruits, veggies and whole grains.  They can't believe that soda, chips and brownies are no longer stuffed in my cupboards.  I feel better that I ever have in my life and I owe that to you, Mr. Bass.  I have seen the inches melt and my body change."

---"I never thought a medical doctor like myself could learn so much about his body from an attorney. I lost 30 lbs."

---"I can't tell you how motivated my wife and I feel after reading your books."

---"Reading your books marked a turning point in my life. I've gone from 225 lbs./42" waist to 180 lbs/32 1/2 " waist. Now I know that lifetime leanness is a realistic goal."

If you have questions about ordering or would like to order these books in combination with others or with other books call 1-505-266-5858
 or email 
Questions about Ripped series

If you are interested in seeing the prices on all the books offered by our company go to the ORDERING page


Special on the three Ripped books (a $5.00 savings when purchased together):
 All three books $39.95 + $4.60 ($44.55) media shipping class (USA) or
$39.95 +$7.75 ($47.70) priority shipping (USA)
New Mexico residents must add tax.  Please call or e-mail for instructions.

We do not ship internationally.
 International orders please visit Amazon which carries our books.

3 Book Ripped Seriesi

Ripped 1,2,3 book series




To Purchase the Ripped Books individually

Ripped 1 book purchased alone
USA:  $12.95 + $4.60 media ($17.55) shipping or
 $12.95 + $7.75 priority ($20.70) shipping

We do not ship internationally.  For international orders please visit Amazon which carries our books.


Ripped 1, purchased alone

Ripped 2 book purchased alone
USA:  $15.95 + $4.60 media ($20.55) shipping or
 $15.95 + $7.75  priority ($23.70) shipping

We do not ship internationally.  For international orders please visit Amazon which carries our books.

Ripped 2 book purchased alone USA

Ripped 2 book, purchased alone



Ripped 3 book purchased alone
USA:  $15.95 + $4.60 media ($20.55) shipping or
 $15.95 + $7.75 priority ($23.70) shipping

We do not ship internationally.  For international orders please visit Amazon which carries our books.



Ripped 3 book purchased alone
Ripped 3 book purchased alone USA

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