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Rickey Dale Crain/The Real Deal

If ever there was a man with a perfect name, it's powerlifting legend Rickey Dale Crain. After teething on a dumbbell-shaped rattle - his father Don was and is an avid lifter - Crain started lifting at age 2, was deadlifting triple bodyweight by the time he was 10, and soon after discovered he had "real" talent in the squat, doing 200 at 13 and 400 before he turned 17 - as a 132-pounder. In 1976, at age 23, he became the first middleweight (165 lbs) in history to squat with 700. The rest, as they say, is history.

In 35 years of competition Rickey, now 45, has racked up 10 National championships and 4 World championships, breaking over 100 National, International and World records along the way. His best contest lifts at 165 bodyweight are squat 800, bench press 440 and deadlift 716.

Asked if he had a message for aspiring powerlifters he responded, "Squat!" As you can see, he's the real deal.

For more details on Crain's truly remarkable lifting career go to the library and dig out the July 1994 Powerlifting USA (cover above); it contains a wonderful piece by weightlifting historian Herb Glossbrenner.

As you might have guessed Rickey also makes his living in the field of powerlifting. For 20 years, Crain's Muscle World, Ltd. has supplied the needs of powerlifters, bodybuilders and strength athletes around the world. Says Crain, "We have everything for the powerlifter - supplements, lifting equipment, accessories, books, powerlifting videos. For a look at their new web site go www.crainsmuscleworld.com

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