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A little over a year ago, my husband started talking about some guy named Clarence Bass.  I listened but did not pay too much attention to the whole thing.  My husband was looking for a new workout program and was also interested in changing his diet.  It wasn't long before books written by Clarence Bass found their way onto our coffee table and bedside tables.  I could tell he was very interested in the books because they started getting dog-eared and crinkled from all the reading and rereading.

Then he decided to try the eating plan and training cycles outlined in the books.  The workout part of the deal did not affect me as I am not into weight training (my thing is horses), but...  I am the cook for our household so I started paying more attention when he talked about Mr. Bass. Instead of cooking separate meals for us, I decided to give the "eating plan" (I was chastised for calling it a diet) a try.  It sounded fairly reasonable to me--unlike many of the fad diets floating around.  I especially liked the idea of "eating large."

We officially embarked on our new eating plan during the week of September 20th, 2003, because that is when we bought a scale that measures weight and body fat.  My husband is really good at keeping records and workout diaries.  I am not!  I did memorize my measurements for that week, on the off chance that the eating plan did lower my weight.  That week I weighed 179 pounds and my body fat was 47 percent.  My motivation for losing weight was, of course, horse related.  I thought I would ride better and longer if I was a few pounds lighter.

This is me, at 179 and 47% fat, with Black Jack.

Over the past year, I have lost about one pound of body weight per week.  On September 3rd, 2004, I weighed 129 pounds and my body fat was 23 percent. What a difference a year can make!  I have more energy and stamina than I have had for years.

I won't pretend that I followed all the recipes and suggestions in the books exactly because that is not reality (I have not actually read the books--maybe this winter!).  We both really like the recommended breakfast, "Old Reliable. It is our favorite meal each day.  When I talk to friends about what I eat, many freak out at the idea of black beans for breakfast but it is good and it is only a few tablespoons.  I attribute a lot of my weight loss to Old Reliable, because it is easier for me to pass up French fries and donuts when I start my day with such a healthy breakfast. Another staple for me is my PBJ for lunch. I searched our small community for bread with 3 grams of fiber per slice (not an easy task in Elko, Nevada!), add a little peanut butter and fake jelly (no sugar) and I am set.  Sometimes I have fruit and yogurt or cottage cheese with the sandwich and sometimes not--depends on how hungry I am that day.

But... one of the recipes for salmon stew sounded horrible to me; I cook a salmon fillet with veggies instead.  It is just a matter of experimenting with simple, whole foods to find something that is filling and satisfying.

Another big thing for me is, "you don't get fat from one meal.  If I really want something, I eat it (and fully enjoy every calorie).  Then I go right back to our eating plan on the next meal.  I just make sure I go out to eat whatever I am craving so additional servings are not readily available in our house.

About a month ago, I complained about my upper body being wimpy.  My husband suggested I try adding Heavyhands to my almost daily 3-mile walk.  He even ordered The Heavyhands Walking Book by Leonard Schwartz (from Clarence) for me to read. Now, I am swinging and punching for all Im worth as my dogs chase rabbits through the sagebrush surrounding our house.  I am sure the neighbors think I have lost it after eating all that "grain and black beans." BUT my upper body is starting to tone up and I feel healthier.  I'm enjoying myself on these jaunts whereas a year ago, I only walked so my dogs could get out and run.

Here I am now, with JJ, at 129 and 23% fat.

Feeling healthy is what this eating plan is all about as far as I am concerned.  It is impressive to many that I have lost 50 pounds in about 50 weeks.  It is more impressive to me that I have the energy to walk my dogs and ride a horse 3-4 hours a day and then work with another horse or volunteer for our local handicapped riding program--all before I drive to town to run errands.  I love that I can do more "horse things" because of the weight loss and energy gain.  I plan to train my young horse to run barrels over the winter, a goal I would not have attempted at my previous weight. Being overweight would not have been fair to the horse in a speed event such as barrel racing.

Carla Leff, Elko, Nevada

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