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                                                                                                                   Challenge Yourself - Leanness, Fitness and Health - At Any Age
                                                                                                                                 by Clarence Bass

                                                                                                                                                                              $20.95 + $4.60 shipping fourth class or $6.70 priority in USA only








































The key to becoming - and staying - lean, fit and healthy is to continually challenge yourself in an intelligent and thoughtful way. That's what this book is about. It explains how Clarence Bass has continued to improve for more than 45 years - and how you can do the same. The other books get you started and this book will keep you going for a lifetime.

Cutting edge, Challenge Yourself includes psychologically sound techniques for staying motivated, the latest developments in diet and nutrition, detailed new routines for beginners and intermediates (weights only), Clarence's current routine, athletic-type strength training, high-intensity aerobics, longevity and health topics, and exciting personal profiles.

It's a lifetime approach for leanness, fitness and health that will work for you!

224 pages, $20.95 +$4.60 media mail shipping or $6.70 priority mail shipping in USA.  For encrypted ordering along with notes on Canada and Europe see below.  For shipping on multiple items call or e-mail (see below).

What Readers Say:

"I would just like to say what a great book Challenge Yourself is.  I have learned so much and am still learning more reading it the second time round.  I have often heard people say Life is a journey, well training is also a journey and I had completely lost my way over the years.  Your books Lean For Life, Challenge and the Ripped video have put me back on the right track.  I know it is very very early days, but I have already had people ask me how I lost weight - do I lift weights?  It's at least ten or twelve years ago since I've heard anyone say that to me and it's nice to hear."

"I especially like the way Mr. Bass examines the HIT vs. High Volume exercise quandary, admitting that both work, providing expert opinion and research studies, and then explains why he opted for the system he prefers."

"Just finished reading your latest book.  The last section on inspiring individuals really helped me see what truly motivated people accomplish throughout their lives.  After finishing the book I feel more confident that I can deal with the challenges that lie ahead."

"Your writing is wonderful - personable, warm, and insightful from an experienced master trainer.  It's refreshing to see someone so muscular and ripped, who is also intelligent and warm with a sense of humor."

"I think what comes through is the joy you take in the doing and achieving.  That's missing in much that has been written about training.  The idea is not to reduce training to say the "excitement" level of tooth brushing but rather to find some purpose and personal meaning in the whole thing.  That's a great take home message. To keep a constant main message and then have everything revolve around it is really a great accomplishment.  Thanks for giving me and so many other people direction, guidance, and the joy of personal satisfaction."

"Challenge Yourself is an inspiration and a wealth of information.  I carry it with me like a bible.  I have read it cover to cover 3 times now and learn something new each time."

"I have been lifting weights for years, but your new book Challenge Yourself has given me a renewed determination to make progress.  By the way, I'm 80 years old (you give me inspiration!)

"You have changed my world for the better."

"I firmly believe that had I not adopted the principles espoused in Challenge Yourself I still would be jogging four days a week in the pursuit of slowing the aging process.  While the latter approach is certainly better than inactivity, it will not slow the natural decline in function to any significant degree.  Thanks so much for the enlightenment."

"Thanks for one of the few sensible books on a weight training lifestyle that I have ever seen (not an exaggeration)."

"The wisdom and clarity with which you write is incredible.  I have since purchased Challenge Yourself and found it surpasses your previous books."

"Here's a little secret.  I feel I have a better grasp and understanding of fitness and nutrition from reading your books - not attending classes [at my university in fitness management]."

"I have many books/videos on weight training and bodybuilding, and without a doubt the Ripped series and Challenge Yourself are the best and most informative of the lot.  I wish I had them when I first started training."

"I have just finished reading Challenge Yourself At Any Age and I am on fire...your diets are tasty, simple and easy to follow...and I don't have to spend fifty dollars on meal replacements every 10 days.  I have seen great results and I owe it all to you."

A 48-year-old female reader wrote:  "I recently purchased Lean For Life and Challenge Yourself.  These books are wonderful!  I've finally found a "program" I can get my arms around!  While I doubt I'll be following your exercise program as you designed it, what I will do is adhere to your philosophies and methods...and insert my own preferences for exercises.  I am already incorporating your nutrition and eating habits and can see and feel a difference in a short time.  (I love your website because you give in-depth answers to questions I have but don't know where to go for an answer.)  You continue to motivate me to be MY personal best and this has been a tremendous help.  I no longer want to be like "her" or "her" I just want to be the best I can be!!!"

"Challenge Yourself simply slapped me off the couch and back to the gym!  It is truly one of the most motivating books I have ever read."

"I have followed your training career through your books  and magazine columns for the past decade.  Your books have a very personal feel to them.  Very open and honest; never afraid to admit mistakes and learn from them. The constant evolution in your thinking and your ability to take from other's experiences/ideas and make them practical to your own goals is refreshing and thought provoking as well."

"Challenge Yourself is very inspiring and as usual, packed with solid information.  When I want to check out the latest in health and fitness I check your website or your books.  The breadth and depth of your work is amazing."

"If I hadn't come across you on the web, I would never in a million years pick up one of your books at the bookstore because I wouldn't think that a book with a picture of a muscle guy on the front would have anything in it for a diabetic grandmother."

"Challenge Yourself is the best example I've seen of a comprehensive bodybuilding book, as related to personal diet and training experiences, even topping Ripped 2 and 3.  I especially enjoyed your dissection of volume and HIT training systems, and why each work.  I also appreciated the way you could outline reasons for almost everything in your diet.  My only disappointment was that I didn't use express mail."

I thoroughly read and enjoyed your book Challenge. It opened my eyes about the glycemic index and you are the first one that put it into a perspective that I could understand."

"I think the most exciting part of Challenge is the evidence (empirical and otherwise) that high intensity, low duration and frequency strength AND aerobic training is the way to go. I personally believe that it's the results and adaptations from exercise that offer the tremendous health benefits but the act of exercising itself is actually a negative burden place on the body. Many people fail to make this connection and unnecessarily wear themselves out (literally)."

"Your book was just what I needed, as I was very confused at which philosophy to follow, hit or high volume. You hit it right on the nail, both "camps" have good ideas and can work great together, and the periodization is easy to follow, not like some routines I have seen."

"I was inspired by the story about John North on page 182. And you! Wow! If this is aging - then I want some."

"You have done it again with Challenge Yourself! What a tremendous book! Captivating, enthusiastic, informative and inspirational! Every part of the book had something that spoke directly to me."

"I have only had time to read the first 150 pages but already I can tell you that this is the best and most informative books of yours or anyone else's yet."

"As always, your books cause me to rethink my own training. Best of all, they are "great reads." I'd like to order two more copies. I refuse to let my only copy out of our home!"

"The discussion on single vs. multiple sets was the most logical, well presented explanation of the topic I have ever read."

"I thoroughly enjoyed your new book, Challenge Yourself. You have definitely improved since Lean For Life. I never would have believed that anybody could stay so hard at 60. It is an exciting time in the fitness world. With people like yourself breaking stereotypes of the aging body, you offer much for the rest of us to look forward to as we age. Thanks!"

"One of my favorite parts of your books is the detailed table of contents...You do such a nice job of distilling the scientific information into a practical format."

"I consider it a masterpiece on health and fitness and I'm recommending it to all my friends."

"Where your books really stand out above the rest is that you explain it so well that the reader thinks that he is there with you!"

"Thank you for being one of the most thoughtful, innovative, non-dogmatic sources of fitness information out there."

"I really appreciated the health chapters in Challenge Yourself, because I often feel that there is nothing I can do to stave off the genetic legacy of disease. But your example and also the clinical evidence you present have renewed my hope that I can control the majority of my physical destiny through the right eating and exercise plans."

What Experts Say:

Challenge Yourself is the 8th book by Clarence Bass, a master of self-experimentation who also examines research evidence as part of his tireless search for outstanding fitness and an ultra-lean body. Challenge Yourself is my favorite of his books. Here he explains his diet, weight training, and aerobic exercise protocols and provides a rationale for each. Now in his 70s, Bass continues to amaze with his sub-3% body fat and athletic ability. Never one to follow fads, Bass adheres to the basics of training and the outcomes speak volumes. This is a fascinating and inspiring book that covers with clarity the fundamental principles of fitness.
                         Joel Minden, Ph.D., CSCS
                         Departments of Psychology and Kinesiology
                         California State University, Chico, CA

"In the end, Challenge Yourself succeeds in the way all good books do:  Even after you've put it down, Bass gets you thinking about your diet, the way you train and even the way you live your life."
                           Joe  Kissel, Muscle & Fitness magazine book review, May 2000

"A new book by Clarence Bass is a major event in our field.  His work has set the standard of quality since Ripped was introduced 20 years ago.  Given the clarity of writing, the expansive and prescriptive information and the overall presentation, Clarence's books are in a class by themselves.  With this project he has taken on the daunting task of producing a book that surpasses his prior works - and he has succeeded."

Challenge Yourself  is a book you should not miss.  It may be the only training book for which the brief description on the cover truthfully captures its essence:  "A guide to intelligent training by the foremost proponent of the all-around fitness lifestyle."  Read it and, indeed, challenge yourself physically and intellectually."

Richard A. Winett, Ph.D.
Editor and Publisher, The Master Trainer

"With all due respect to Clarence Bass, when I heard that he was about to publish a new book (his 8th), I thought to myself, "Old wine in new bottles." After all, Clarence is responsible for writing, to my mind, the definitive texts (the Ripped Series and Lean For Life) on getting and staying lean. Surely, I thought, "He's got nothing left to say." Well, my initial reaction couldn't have been more wrong! In his most meticulously researched and detailed book yet, Challenge Yourself - Leanness, Fitness & Health - At Any Age, Clarence continues to "deliver the goods."

Kevin Fontaine, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

[Challenge Yourself] is packed with well-thought-out, well researched ideas. Everything that Clarence says makes perfect sense. If you're an aging baby boomer like me, Clarence is your guy. You will be inspired."

Joe Dillon, Healthy Lifestyle Corporation, Torrance California

"This book offers sound advice from an accomplished veteran weight trainer who is committed to helping you succeed in your fitness program. Challenge Yourself is written in a nurturing, reader-friendly manner that is ideal for the beginner or for someone who has had difficulty adhering to other programs. Make no mistake -- this work also contains enough research-supported nutrition and training information that will satisfy even the most die-hard, experienced trainees. Challenge Yourself has it all, including a history lesson and rare photographs featuring some classic muscle. But most importantly, Challenge Yourself offers safe effective advice from a man who knows."

Greg Bradley-Popovich, MS, MS
Exercise Physiologist and Sport Nutritionist

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Challenge Yourself Book:
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Challenge Yourself Book



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Challenge Yourself - Leanness, Fitness and Health - At Any Age
$20.95 + $4.60 shipping fourth class or $6.60 priority