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We've just received our first issue of Stuart McRobert's internet magazine.

The graphics are terrific and the articles are to the point and well written.

Stuart tells us that the new permutation of his magazine is about hard, abbreviated training, similar to ours.

It is that, and more.

We believe that effective exercise boils down to two things: Overload and Rest. Other than those two factors, we encourage people to do what they enjoy and do best.

Hardgainer 2.0 is more instructive, explaining what to do and what to avoid. The positive and the negative.

For example, issue number 6, which we received, includes articles on both genetic limitations and "What Matters Is What Works." 

We don't worry about genetic limitations but are very interested in what works. We focus on the positive and ignore the negative.

There is certainly a need for Stuart's approach and he does it very well. He's a detail guy. It's in his genes.

For many more details and how to get your Sampler: https://www.hardgainer.com/hardgainer-2-0/

October 1, 2021

A Man Devoured


Stuart McRobert, the "Hard Gainer" publishing mogul, has authored a landmark book in the bodybuilding world. Covering his battles with body image, food and work in a way never done before. In a depth never before attempted.

He spent four years writing 219 pages and nary a single photo (telling - and practically unheard in bodybuilding books).

Stuart tells about it on Amazon:

The person with that dream life was me, Stuart McRobert. I have a story to tell only because I survived my mental torment, recognized I had a serious problem, sought help, and turned my life around.

For 40-plus years I battled with attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that are commonly labeled as symptoms of three psychological disorders: muscle dysmorphia, orthorexia, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). The consequences were grave.

Our longtime friend, professor of psychology, author and publisher of Master Trainer, Richard Winett, PhD, wrote this in the Foreword:

I have never read a book so revealing and yet also so hopeful. It is truly groundbreaking.


Even for people who do not have any of the kinds of problems Stuart dealt with, this book presents a remarkable story. But for those people who do have some aspects of Stuart's problems, the book presents hope and some logical roads to follow in seeking help and guidance, and charting new and improved pathways in life.

The book is being well received on Amazon with 67% 5 stars and 33% 4 stars.

We have scanned and discussed the book and recommend it to those up for a deep dive into the life of an accomplished and highly intelligent man who has confronted his demons and wants to share the details with the bodybuilding world.

September 1, 2021

Clarence Among "Notable HIT Bodybuilders"

We were pleased to see Clarence among 7 bodybuilders included in a Wikipedia posting on High Intensity Training (HIT). Alongside Mike and Ray Mentzer, Casey Viator, Dorian Yates, Mark Dugdale, and Anibal Lopez. Big names all.

Interestingly, Clarence and Dorian are the only ones whose photos comes up when you put your cursor on their name. The only physique photo is of Clarence.

The fundamental principle of high-intensity training (HIT) is that exercise should be brief, infrequent, and intense. There are a number of variations, but they all stem from the pronouncements of Arthur Jones. Jones is, of course, known for his Nautilus machines, which spanned the world during his heyday.

Several novels set in that time frame that we've been reading refer to Nautilus machines. An example you might recognize is The Queen's Gambit, which has been a big hit on Netflix. We've enjoyed both the book and the miniseries twice, and are looking forward to a third time for both.

We have five of Arthur's machines in our gym. We use them all except for the Hip and Back machine which is hard on Clarence's back.

For more about Arthur Jones and HIT see Total Conditioning the Arthur Jones/Nautilus Way: https://www.cbass.com/ArthurJones2.htm 

July 1, 2021

Judge Dan Sawyer Passes at 93

Dear friend Dan always said he was going to stop by the gym for a final workout on the way to the graveyard. Having a broken leg, he may not have made it. You can bet it wasn't for lack of trying.

Dan told Clarence about the frontal approach to hip replacement. He'd had both the old and new way, and said the difference was like night and day. "With the new approach," he told Clarence, "you'll have so little pain you'll forget to complain."

A pen pal of John Grimek, he treasured his collection of long, typed letters from John relating things that would only be shared with a close friend. We know because he sent us a select few of Grimek's letters. We had to promise on the Bible to return them. Joking, but he definitely wanted them back for safe keeping.

The final section of our book Great Expectations relates Dan's philosophy on heroes, life, and aging.

Titled On the Shoulders of Giants, he wrote: "I won't be Grimek, but I am going to be better for trying - I plug away just as if I am going to make it. This type of chasing rainbows gives me zest for living. I may get older - but never old."

Grimek was one of many hero/role models he had sought to emulate and from whom he drew strength and motivation.

The following is taken from what he wrote:

"I was always attracted to people of outstanding quality. I attached myself to them and tried to be more like them."

The first was the fellow across the street. Next was an English teacher. Then a nutritionist.

"My first admonition is to choose the right heroes. Keep in mind, even if you miss the target, the higher you aim the higher you will hit. Do something beneficial for yourself each day, and don't give up, ever. Study the works of informed people and make friends with accomplished others, and you will be molded by the company you keep.

"...Strive for perfection as if it was a reality and you will be ten thousand times better for trying.

"...Get a running start early as possible and don't stop running. Don't wait for the 'right time' to get started because the right time never comes...."

There's more, but you can see why so many respected Dan and cherished his friendship.

Our sincerest condolences to his wonderful and accomplished wife, Xochitl, and the many others who loved  him.

This photo of Dan in his middle years with his bike
 and the LSU/Shreveport campus in the distant background captures his essence.
An active mind in an active body. Sent to us by Dan, it's how we'd like to remember him.

*  *  *

His obituary tells more about his life, his family, and his impressive career at all levels of the law:


March 1, 2021




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