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Clarence at 81

Six Years into the “Inevitable” Decline

Here we go again. The problem is to show the passage of time. Avoid duplication. With my body essentially unchanged, it took some imagination. We hope you’ll enjoy the new photos.

My lower back is bothering me a little more, but it doesn’t keep me awake or show up in my leg strength or muscle mass. It does cause me to be unsteady for the first few steps after sitting or standing for a period of time.  

Nothing much has changed otherwise.

Here’s what we’ve come to think of as the Bass Pose—at 76 and 81:


*  *  *

While we didn’t plan it that way, it seems appropriate that three pieces in this update are about recently recognized or acknowledged benefits of strength training.

We have two new FAQs, the first about a long ago event exposing the Muscle Bound myth and a new challenge to the need for static stretching before or after resistance training. The second FAQ favors strength training over endurance exercise for maintaining or increasing the level of testosterone.

Our feature article discusses three new studies which uncover the benefits of strength training on heart health—separate and apart from aerobic exercise: a real bomb shell coming in part from the home of aerobics in Dallas, Texas.

Having lifted weights regularly for going on 70 years, we believe it’s fair to say that I’ve benefited from all of the above. I can’t help but wonder what the high school coach who cautioned me that athletes don’t lift weights would say now. Bet he’d be happy that I knew from reading Strength & Health magazine that coaches of his time were misinformed about strength training.

How thing have changed. Everybody and his or her grandmother are now doing resistance training.

*  *  *

We'll end with three more of the photos taken by Carol in the past week. One is a little dark but we like it anyway. Shadows are a key element in physique photography.



For everyday condition each year after my 75th birthday:






December 1, 2018

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