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Clarence at 82

We’re still looking.

For seven years after exercise physiologists say decline begins in earnest, we’ve posted photos of Clarence in everyday condition: no dieting, no body hair removal, no body color, no oil, and no change in training routine.

In his book Bending the Aging Curve, University of Miami Professor Joseph Signorile included graphs showing the neuromuscular aging curves for the untrained person, for the person who starts exercising at about 40, and finally the trajectory of men and women who have been exercising their entire life.

The loss of neuromuscular function for untrained individuals begins in earnest at about 40 and drops more and more rapidly with each passing decade; the decline is exponential. The person who begins exercising at 40 shows a relatively flat curve until about 60, and then begins a slow decline. The lifelong exerciser, however, soars above the others at every decade of life. The regular exerciser will have a curve that begins at a much higher level than the other two—and stays there. The inevitable decline that does occur leaves the 75-year-old lifelong exerciser at a level equivalent to an untrained person at 20. At 90, the lifelong trainer is at a level equivalent to an untrained person 30 years younger.

As we learn more about the benefits of exercise, we are finding that they extend to all parts of the body: https://www.cbass.com/lifelongexercise.html

We’ve used a pose which shows Clarence at his best to track changes following his 75th birthday when the “inevitable decline” is said to begin. The photos below show Clarence at 76—and now 82.



See any difference?

Clarence has had a second hip replacement, cataracts removed from both eyes, nose surgery to correct a deviated septum, and most recently an irregular heart beat that seems to show up most reliably during the stress test at the Cooper Clinic. Sounds like a lot, but healthy eating and regular exercise make it difficult to see in his physique.

Clarence picking up his father’s barbell in the 5th grade and never stopped training. These photos show the results a very long way down the road.

Clarence’s training has been going very well. His last few workouts—strength and aerobic—have been some of the best and most satisfying effort-based sessions in memory. He intends to keep swimming hard again the relentless tide of aging.

We hope his example will encourage others to train with the same fervor.

*  *   *

Here are two more photos showing the results of continuing to challenge yourself year after year. One spotlights the torso and the other legs, two body parts that are notoriously difficult to maintain. (The Fitbit and resistance bands are new.)

Torso and Quads at 82



See also: Lifelong Exercise Slows Aging: https://www.cbass.com/lifelongexercise.html

December 1, 2019

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