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Tommy Kono Posthumously Inducted into Sacramento Sports HOF

Tommy was on the nomination list since the Sports Hall of Fame was formed in his hometown seven years ago, but failed to garner enough votes until 2019, three years after his death at 85. This was standard operating procedure for Kono who was better known overseas than in the United States where team sports take precedence. Beyond being named "Weightlifter of the Century" by the International Weightlifting Federation in 2005, two other events illustrate the gap in recognition at home and away.

He had been to Russia 5 times during the "cold war" and traveled to Moscow in 1958 to compete in the first "Prize of Moscow" tournament. Kono was the only American lifter invited to compete. With no coach, teammates or anyone to assist and translate for him backstage--against 7 other lifters, 5 of which were Soviet Union world record holders or Olympic gold medalists--he won anyway!

The other illustration is closer to home.

One of the greatest tributes Kono felt bestowed on him was to be recognized by the city of York, Pennsylvania, considered the Mecca of the weightlifting world. A 27 by 20 foot mural painted on the side of a 3-story building had a painting of Bob Hoffman on the left side, John Grimek on the right side, and Kono in the middle. Hoffman, founder of the famous York Barbell Company, and Grimek, a legendary bodybuilder, both resided in the York area. Kono had been to York many times but never lived there.

Muscletown USA recognized Kono as a member of the weightlifting triumvirate.

Kono was the best of the best on and off the weightlifting platform. In the course of winning six world championships and two Olympic Gold Medals, he became the only weightlifter in history to set world records in four different weight classes. He also won the Mr. World physique title in 1954 and the Mr. Universe title in 1955, 1957, and 1961. He went on to coach the Mexican, West German and U.S. Olympic teams, in 1968, 1972 and 1976, respectively. 

Kono mastered the art of physique display, as he did everything he attempted.

Photo courtesy of Tommy Kono

*  *  *

Tommy would not utter a word about the unfathomable delay in his induction.

He would thank his supporters for sticking with his nomination, and join his wife, Florence, and their family in expressing their gratitude:

We are grateful to the fans of the sport of weightlifting for their support and remembrance of him. It is very special that his hometown of Sacramento has bestowed this honor upon him.

March 1, 2019

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Why Full-Fat Milk Is Booming

The above is a headline in the October 1, 2018, issue of TIME magazine. Carol read the article aloud, to my delight.

Could they be logging on to this website? Probably not, but it is very good news.

After some positive marketing details, the magazine gets to the scientific underpinnings.

While the U.S. dietary guidelines still recommend low- or no-fat dairy, new research suggests that full-fat dairy may be a healthy choice... People who eat full-fat dairy are no more likely to develop heart disease than those who eat low-fat versions, and may even be less prone to Type 2 diabetes and weight gain--probably because they stay full longer. Studies have also found that people who cut their fat intake tend to replace the missing calories with unhealthy refined carbohydrates.

"The research that has been evolving and has been in the general press has given consumers permission to choose products they like," a spokesmen for the International Dairy Foods Association told TIME.

A longtime friend, a competitive bodybuilder, told us that he'd been drinking skim milk for so long that whole milk tasted like ice cream--and didn't smooth out his cuts.

It's good to know that the mainstream media is catching up: https://www.cbass.com/wholemilk.htm

Last year and the year before, the big supermarket down the street from the Cooper Clinic only had one brand of whole milk and it seemed to be in hiding. Perhaps it will be different when I go back next year.

December 1, 2018

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Austrian Podcast Interviews Clarence Again

Oh my! What's left to talk about? That's what we thought when we sat down to listen to the new podcast. Austrian professional sport climber Jurgen Reis has interviewed Clarence ten times since he visited here for the first time in 2007. The last podcast was in January of this year.

We were pleasantly surprised. Clarence has been finding something new to write about every month since he started his RIPPED column in Muscle & Fitness in 1980. Jurgen finds new topics in every podcast.

Successful training routines are constantly evolving. Clarence looks for new ways to challenge his body in every workout.

When Jurgen asked what's new, Clarence began by explaining why he decided to stop doing the foothills workout on Sundays. His resting heart on his Fitbit told him that he was not fully recovering for his Tuesday strength workouts.

From there, Jurgen said that he has stopped writing books for the time being, and asked if Clarence is thinking about a new book. Clarence said he thinks of his updates as gathering new material every month. No new book until he has a theme that excites him.

That opened the gate for many new topics to discuss.

When the time expired, Jurgen said he couldn't wait for the next interview, that he wanted to continue on and on, that there would always be something new to talk about. No limits!

The Podcast is # 676. You won't be disappointed. English begins at minute 19: www.Power-Quest.cc

You'll find Jurgen's story in our "Fitness Personalities" category: https://www.cbass.com/JurgenReis.htm

Here's a message from him along with a recent photo by Andreas Kempter.

This photo of me this summer was taken just before my 42nd birthday. Normal training day – no special preparation done. I had the same bodyweight as when I was 18.

Reading Clarence Bass’ books about two decades ago and visiting him and Carol three times were some of the best things I've done in my life. My American Grandpa (that’s how I call him sometimes) taught me much more than “just” how to stay in shape.

For everybody looking for a REAL mentor in all aspects of fit and passionate living, I highly recommend his endless knowledge.

Oftentimes I ask myself “What would Clarence do?” I don't always do it, but it shapes my thinking.

Thank you Clarence and Carol for everything you gave me and your patience with me!

Jürgen Reis, Professional Climber from Austria
Photo: © 2018 by Andreas Kempter

September 1, 2018

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Laszlo Photo of Clarence Exhibited

Early this month we were surprised to take delivery of a photo Laszlo took of Clarence at 75 holding a kettlebell at his side. It was enlarged and carefully wrapped. We were surprised and pleased to learn that it hung for a month at an art gallery in Sacramento.

Here's the story in Laszlo's words:

Every year the Viewpoint Photographic Art Gallery in Sacramento encourages its members to enter a juried exhibition based on a theme. In 2017 the theme was “Balance.” Some years before I had photographed Clarence holding a kettlebell with his muscular and veined arm. It epitomized the raw power and strength of a dedicated lifter. When I took a second look at this picture I remembered it also takes plenty of balance to lift a kettlebell, the clumsiest item in the weightlifter's repertoire. Clearly the judge agreed and selected it for the exhibition.

Our task was to find an appropriate place of honor in Clarence's office at Ripped Enterprises. Carol found a tripod to make it stand out from the many other photos already there. Here it is on top of a book case balanced between two Herculean sculptures.

Laszlo is pleased--and so are we.

September 1, 2018

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