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Bill Pearl Features Clarence on Facebook

"Rock Hard, Mind Body and Soul"

Gym Member Remembers Bill Pearl

Considering Bill Pearl one of the wisest men in bodybuilding, Clarence called him to discuss a problem they share: troublesome lower backs.

They both have fused lumbar spines, which can disrupt training and sleep. "How do you deal with it," Clarence inquired. Bill's answer was short and sweet: "I live with it."

The key is to avoid compressing the lower back. Once having squatted over 600, Bill now does up to 50 reps with far less resistance. Clarence's best single was 485, and he now does 20 reps or more with far less on a Hip-Belt Squat machine.

Clarence went away feeling better about the problem.  If Bill can handle it at 90, Clarence felt more optimistic at 83.

*  *  *

Bill was working on his Facebook page when Clarence called, but he had no idea that the call would prompt Bill to feature him on Facebook the next day.

It's practically unimaginable when you consider that Clarence was 15 when he and his father saw Bill win the Mr. America title in 1953.

In the mid-60s Clarence and his training partner drove to Denver to see a thrilling exhibition by Bill. He was Godlike simply standing upright--no posing necessary--in his specially made posing booth. They've never stopped talking about it.

Bill was the Eugen Sandow and Arnold of his time.

He has given back more to bodybuilding than any other man, publishing books on every aspect of the Iron Game. His book Keys to the Inner Universe is a 638 page encyclopedia of bodybuilding. His Beyond the Universe is the the most uplifting autobiography ever by a bodybuilder.

This unique and inspiring photo was taken from Beyond.

There's more, but his crowning achievement is publication of the three volume Legends of the Iron Game, which tracks the history of strength training from the Ancient Greeks to the present day.

Every one of significance--EVERYONE--is chronicled in detail.

Only Bill Pearl could take on such a task and complete it so magnificently.

Bill's Facebook feature on Clarence is largely taken from the four pages on him in Legends.

We can't tell you how honored we are to call Bill Pearl our friend.

February 1, 2021

Remembering Bill Pearl


In 1978, my wife and I worked out at Bill's Pasadena health club.

I think he was getting ready for an exhibition on the 25th anniversary of his 1953 Mr. America victory. He looked unbelievable down to his perfect skin.

He was very humble and made it a point to say hello to everyone in the gym. I grew up in Cincinnati, and working out in the presence of Bill was like working out with Pete Rose.

I remember him telling a few fellows to study hard in school as the weights would always be here.

I spoke with his brother Harry, who was a sight to behold. I remember him doing shrugs with 225 pounds. I asked him what to eat to get large and he said make a shake with cottage cheese and tuna fish. I tried it for a few weeks. Tasted awful so I went back to milk with protein powder.

Harry drove a land cruiser and went panning for gold. A unique fellow.

Another thing, Bill was always in the gym by 5AM so it filled up early as we liked to train in his presence.

I thought you would like to hear this.

Thanks for your site and insight. I have learned much from you.

To a long, healthy and happy life.

Your friend, Neil Katz

March 1, 2021

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Len Schwartz Is Back with Pan-X

The first article on this website is about Dr. Len Schwartz and his ground-breaking creation: Heavyhands.

Heavyhands (Dr. Schwartz's registered trademark) is a system of exercise using light dumbbells, 1-15 pounds for high repetitions, up to 30 minutes or more. We've all seen walkers pumping hand weights. Well, they probably got the idea from reading Dr. Schwartz's Heavyhands book, published in 1982. His basic contention is that four limbs are better than two for training the body; that you can continue exercising longer at the same intensity than you can using only the legs or arms.

It's an all-in-one way to total fitness.

If you are not familiar with Heavyhands, you'll find more details in our article: https://www.cbass.com/DESKOF.HTM

You'll find more articles about Len and his unique approach to total fitness in our Fitness Personalities category.

Physical therapist John Cusic has brought Len back to life on YouTube, demonstrating the last permutation of his approach to fitness: Pan-X. No weights, just an adjustable rack allowing you to build total body "strength-endurance." Resistance comes from positioning  your body in different ways.

You'll see what we mean in the new YouTube posts. And be amazed.

You'll find three presentations. We suggest that you start with the video which runs a little over an hour. Len explains while using his Pan-X rack--an impressive demonstration of fitness in itself--and ends with a delightful segment with his 13-year-old grandson using the apparatus while Len talks and makes suggestions.

You'll love it.

Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU5Aswa-yeq2WklBng9PSNQ/

PS: Len's patent on the Pan-X rack expired in 2010, but no one is marketing it at this time.

John Cusic tells us that he will be posting more videos with Len in the near future.

January 1, 2021

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In Search of Lost Mojo Interviews Clarence

The podcast title speaks volumes.

Tim Zak is a retired professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, and a human performance coach. He's also a lifelong athlete with ups and downs. His podcast interviews senior athletes and global experts on unlocking the secrets of lifelong high performance.

Clarence enjoyed the interview. Professor Zak explored what's he's about, from lifting his first barbell in the 5th grade to training at 82. It may be the most complete verbal presentation ever of Clarence's thoughts on diet and exercise.

You'll find more about Professor Zak and an outline of topics covered in the interview with time markers.

The interview runs an hour and eleven minutes.


November 1, 2020

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Ric Drasin Dies at 76

Visitor Comment Below

We didn’t know Ric Drasin well. Our only engagement with him was Clarence’s 2015 appearances on RIC’S Corner, his online interview program.

Ric was one of the elite group of bodybuilders who trained with Arnold at the original Gold's Gym in Venice in the early '70s. What set him apart is all that he did after that. In addition to creating iconic logos for both the original Gold's Gym and World Gym, he had been a wrestler, actor, author, producer, and the originator of RIC's Corner, an online interview program with millions of viewers.

Just about everyone of significance in bodybuilding has been on RIC's Corner. Clarence was honored to be included.

He was clearly a very fine and accomplished man, admired by those who knew him well.

His children issued this moving statement upon his passing:

This is Sami, Adam, and Shane. It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have to announce the passing of our father. He was everything to us. A father, role model, and friend. Not only was he an inspiration for countless people, but he truly cared for those around him. His life was steered by the desire to uplift and share his positivity. He always found a way to brighten the room with his humor. Ric’s immeasurable presence will be with us all forever.

Our sincerest condolences to his family and those who knew and loved him.

October 1, 2020

Visitor Comment

Hi Clarence:

In the wake of Ric Drasin’s untimely death I’ve been going through his Ric’s Corner videos. I thought your interview was just terrific. One of Ric’s strengths was in letting his guests talk without needless interruptions. Obviously one of your strengths is the depth of understanding your lifelong commitment has given you. The length and depth of the conversation was and is a testament to the greatness of two articulate legends of the golden age of bodybuilding.

As usual, all I can say is thank you for all you’ve done for so many of us.

Bart Gallant

November 4, 2020

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The Blond Bomber's Book Just Out

Dave Draper is one of a kind: a man who sees the world thru the prism of the Golden Era of Bodybuilding and has an unparalleled manner of expressing himself.

Here's an example from a chapter titled YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING:

Well, three heart doctors - cardiothoracic specialists known for their genius, advanced learning and meticulous skills - determined that I was close in my suspicions (it's the heart), but not exactly my diagnosis (needs more than aspirin and a good night's rest).  Get this: Curly, Moe and Larry, as I have affectionately named the amusing threesome, agreed the best fix is quadruple bypass surgery, and "and while we're at it, let's repair the leaky valve. What the heck!"

Rats!  Just when I was hitting my mid-60s stride, I thought.

*  * *

Most of the book is about people and places in the Golden Era of Bodybuilding thru the eyes of an astute participant and observer at the epicenter. Even casual observers will enjoy the inside stories of people and places they've heard and wondered about over the years. His chapter on the current bodybuilding scene is priceless: "Locked In A Time Zone Without A Clue."

He begins with a top-to-bottom description of The Dungeon, a basement gym four blocks inland from the famous Muscle Beach, calling it "unquestionably the greatest gym in the world."

"Here bodybuilding began, embryonic: the original, not the imitation."

The final chapters are about his open-heart surgery and waking up with a breathing tube down his throat and the horror of being unable to communicate.

After that rude awakening, he was on a bumpy - and inspiring - road to recovery.

He was soon topping out on the breath meter at 5,000, up from 1,500 before surgery. "I'm a regular bag of wind," he exulted.

After several weeks of rest and careful eating he was back in the gym, but also ramping up walking and biking little by little.

Feeling back in control of his health and body, he writes:

"That we are aware of what we must do places us well above the rest."

"That we practice what we must puts us on top."

That barely scratches the surface of what The Blond Bomber has to tell us. We trust that it will make you rush to order your copy: https://www.davedraper.com/ We had our copy in about a week.

May 1, 2020

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"History of Physical Culture" Recognizes Clarence

We've long known that David Gentle is a highly regarded writer and historian in the world of physical culture, having written over 3000 articles on physical culture and strength training. Legends of the Iron Game (Bill Pearl Enterprises, 2010) devotes seven pages to telling his story.

But we had no idea that he is a regular visitor to our website. Or that he is one of a talented team of historians and writers preparing biographies for the "History of Physical Culture (HOPC)" a website devoted to collecting and preserving the history of physical culture.

HOPC, one of the largest and most comprehensive online libraries of its kind, was originally founded under the name Sandow Plus. Eugen Sandow (1867-1925) is the most well-known and remembered strength and physique celebrity of his time. He set the course of modern physical culture as we know it.

Mr. Olympia winners are presented with the "Sandow trophy," patterned after Sandow's image.

Importantly, physical culture is more than just a bodybuilding, muscle, and strength training movement.

Originating during Sandow's time, the legacy of the physical culture movement affects how many of us train, eat and view health.

There are as many definitions of physical culture as there are people expressing it. It is basically a lifestyle devoted to achieving your own unique health, strength and fitness potential.

Clarence boils it down to self help.

*  *  *

David Gentle tells Clarence's story in three steps.

Start on the the very impressive HOPC front page: https://www.davidgentle.com/

"ENTER" the site, and scroll down to "Recent Posts," to "Clarence Bass" and "Full Story."

That will take you to "About Clarence," and link to his training pictorial from 15 to 82. 

Gentle also includes a link to "view" Clarence's books and DVDs:  https://www.cbass.com/PRODUCTS.HTM

Finally, here's a direct link to the page created for Clarence: https://www.davidgentle.com/hopc/clarence-bass/  

Thanks to David and his colleagues at HOPC. We are delighted and honored to have Clarence recognized as having a place in physical culture history.

April 1, 2020

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HeavyHands Is Back!

Our dear friend, Leonard Schwartz, MD, would be pleased to learn that his invention is back in a slightly different form with a slightly different name.

The very first article on this website (#1 in our Top 10 Aerobics articles) told about my first direct contact with Dr. Schwartz:

The soft-spoken caller said, "You may or may not remember me; this is Len Schwartz." With only a moment's hesitation I responded, "Sure, I remember you; you're Dr. Schwartz, the Heavyhands man. I first learned about whole-body aerobics from your book." Heavyhands (Dr. Schwartz's registered trademark) is a system of aerobic exercise using light dumbbells, 1-15 pounds for high repetitions, up to 30 minutes or more. We've all seen walkers pumping little hand weights. Well, they probably got the idea from reading Dr. Schwartz's Heavyhands book, published in 1982. His basic contention is that four limbs are better than two for expending calories and burning fat, that you can continue exercising longer at the same intensity than you can using only the legs.

I laid out my understanding of the unique underpinnings of HeavyHands--Verticality and Strength/Endurance Fitness--along with my assessment: HeavyHands Revisited

I purchased my first set of HeavyHands at "Cook's Sporting Goods" the leading sporting goods store in Albuquerque at that time; I'd been shopping there since Grade School. The owner used to call me "Coach" and told his people to give me anything I wanted. (He was a long time patient of my father.)

I believe the publication of Len's groundbreaking book Heavyhands was the highpoint for the concept of Heavyhands. It slowly passed from public consciousness. When Len passed away HeavyHands went with him. The market slowly dried up.

That has changed! Entrepreneur and exercise enthusiast Michael Senoff has introduced "Weighted Hands." You can learn all about it on his website: https://www.weightedhands.com/

February 1, 2020

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Rx Muscle Interviews Clarence

This may be the most challenging (and fun) interview Clarence has ever done. We didn't know what to expect.

The man behind Rx Muscle, Dave Palumbo, shown here at his competitive peak, has trimmed down and expanded his sphere of interest. Looking fit and healthy under 200 pounds, he covers everything in the world of muscle.


Three examples: He interviewed Ronnie Coleman in a hospital bed recovering from corrective hip surgery, commented on Shaquille O'Neal flexing after a weight workout, and showed a top competitor for the Ms Olympia title doing heavy squats.

Dave is very well-spoken and has an eye out for what interests his audience.

That's where Clarence entered the picture. A mutual friend emailed us asking if Clarence would be interested in doing an interview with Dave. Knowing that Clarence is a world apart from Mr. Olympia, we were hesitant. No need as things turned out.

One thing led to another--and the interview was scheduled for the following week.

Dave led off with a knowledgeable introduction and they were off to the races. Dave asked about everything from how Clarence got started lifting to what he is thinking and doing in the present day. You'd think they were old friends.

We believe Clarence knocked it out of the ballpark. Last we checked "views" were approaching 50,000.

Dave asked insightful questions and Clarence gave detailed answers.

The interview runs about 55 minutes. Take a look and let us know what you think.


February 1, 2020

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Clarence Spotlighted on Joe Rogan Podcast

A neighbor alerted us that Clarence is mentioned favorably on Joe Rogan's podcast with kettlebell guru Pavel Tsatsouline. When we checked the views were 1,168,723 and climbing.

Pavel cites Clarence as a friend and an example of intelligent training over a lifetime. Joe Rogan knew the name immediately--the old guy with all the cuts--and flashed a montage of photos of Clarence including one at 81.

The segment was about 30 seconds, but great exposure on the most popular podcast on YouTube.

Pavel holds forth on the history of progressive resistance exercise. Very impressive, especially when he includes research coming out of Russia, his birthplace and where the main popularity of the kettlebell started. He knows this area as well as anyone on the world stage.

Lean, fit and handsome, he also presents a sterling example of the benefits of intelligent kettlebell training.

The segment on Clarence comes about 37 minutes into Pavel's learned discourse. Rogan asks a question or two and lets Pavel talk.

If you'd like to watch, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm0GNWSKzYs

Here's what Clarence wrote about his experience with kettlebell training: https://www.cbass.com/KB_Blast.htm

January 1, 2020

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Clarence Encores on Motivation & Muscle

Clarence avoided interviews for a couple of months, but accepted Eric Fiorillo's invitation to do a follow-up interview in December.

Eric billed this go around as "Just the Facts" on Physical Culture--how we train and view life.

He focused on his strong belief in the synergy between muscle and motivation. Clarence added key factors in staying motivated over a lifetime, the most important being that a goal achieved is a goal lost. We must keep finding new goals that excite and motivate us as we move through life.

Eric's enthusiasm has driven him through 1200 podcast interviews in the last few years. Hard to believe but true.

This podcast runs 66 minutes (Clarence comes in at about 7 minutes) and was posted December 11, 2019.

Here's the link to the interview promo and the interview:


January 1, 2020

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Motivation & Muscle Interviews Clarence

Clarence was about burned out on interviews, but he couldn't resist the psychological focus of Eric Fiorillo's podcast.

The list of people Eric has interviewed over the last five years includes many of the Who's Who of physical culture. We didn't know them all, but those we do know are top notch: Men and women, Highland Games athletes, coaches, strength historians, authors, motivational speakers, strong man competitors, kettlebell experts, medical doctors, Naturopathic doctors, training equipment manufacturers, publishers, stone lifters, on and on.

No big name bodybuilders that we recognized.

Eric's interviewing style is unlike anything Clarence has encountered; more of a discussion than a Q & A. He talks more than the person he's interviewing. Some will be turned off by his over the top enthusiasm for the benefits of strength training, but he enjoys helping people meet their goals.

Clarence sat back and took it all in. He was rewarded with questions he'd never been asked before and an opportunity to voice his enthusiasm for Positive Psychology.

It appears that Clarence made the cut, because Eric has scheduled him for another interview in December.

Eric bills this interview as a "Welcome to the family." It'll be interesting to see what he has in store for next time.

Here's the link to the expansive interview promo: http://motivationandmuscle.com/podcast/clarence-bass-welcome-to-the-family/

Go to the bottom of the page to listen to the interview. We'll warn you that it runs well over an hour.

October 1, 2019

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Clarence Interviewed in Three Venues—in One Week

Launch of Ageless Timeless YouTube Channel, Isotopes Ball Park, and Keller Williams Realty International Mega Camp

The Ageless Timeless website is dedicated to those fifty years old and beyond who have continued to challenge themselves physically. “You have defied society’s conventions and expectations as you have aged,” founder George Kattouf wrote in introducing his website. “You may be a weightlifter, swimmer, runner, martial artist, tri-athlete, bicyclist or yoga enthusiast. Whatever the chosen challenge, you have never stopped competing with yourself. You are an Ageless Timeless warrior and deserve to be honored.”

Clarence was added to the list of “Ageless Timeless” athletes in March of 2010: http://www.agelesstimeless.com/

George has now created a YouTube channel featuring interviews with many of the Ageless Timeless athletes. He honored Clarence by selecting him as the first interview on the new channel.

“I was very pleased with the interview,” George wrote later that day. “You were great!”

Starfleet Productions, Inc. is in the process of adding images to the You Tube interview. We expect to have a link to the finished product by the time this is posted. (See below)

In the broadcast booth again with Mike Capps

This is a repeat of last year when Clarence shared the broadcast booth with Mike Capps during a game between his Round Rock (Texas) Express and our Albuquerque Isotopes. They talk fitness and related items between pitches and lulls in the ballgame. Clarence got the hang of it last years and was right at home doing it again.

Here’s what we wrote last year: https://www.cbass.com/news11.htm

They stayed in touch and got better acquainted in the past year. Clarence made suggestions for equipping Mike’s new home gym. After years of long distance running, he’s moving more into interval sprints and strength training.

He’s found that play-by-play is his forte; what he was born to do. Seeing him use the stats and other info spread out in front of him and paint word pictures of action on the field is something to behold. His mastery has listeners coming back game after game. Working Clarence in is smooth as silk.

They talked about a wider range of topics than last year, including movie making in New Mexico.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Karen, his wife of six years. She and Carol enjoyed get acquainted during the three hour broadcast.

Mike say feedback was as good as or better than last year:

I had a whole bunch of positive response from younger and older listeners and I am convinced you motivated at least a couple dozen or so to get up off the couch and MOVE!!

Blessings to you and Mrs. Bass and we will be looking forward to the next time we see you both.

Karen really enjoyed her visit with Mrs. Bass!

*  *  *

We were on the same flight to Austin with Mike and Karen. They were going home and we were headed for the KW Mega Camp.

Explosion in Austin

How we got to this point is a story in itself. If someone was telling us about it, we’d say they must be kidding. It’s almost too good to be true, a fairy tale.

It started with a voice message and then the following email:

Mr. Bass-

I represent Gary Keller and he is a big fan of your books/coaching.

Gary is the founder and CEO of Keller Williams Realty International. www.kw.com

KW is now the largest residential real estate company in the world. We have over 150,000 agents working in over 825 affiliated offices throughout North America and 22 other countries.

Gary would love a chance to meet with you to better understand your systems and coaching.

He would also like to discuss the possibility of a speaking engagement with his top leaders.

If this is something you’re interested in, feel free to reach out at your convenience.

Thanks again.

Our first step was to go online to learn more about Gary Keller. Wikipedia confirmed everything in the note and much more. Not only is Gary considered one of the most influential people in real estate, in all he has published three best-selling books on real estate and one business book that have in total sold more than four million copies worldwide.

The next thing we did was look for KW signs in our neighborhood. We spotted four right off, one marked SOLD. Most impressive, KW had brought a long abandoned house in an upscale neighborhood back to life.

Gary and KW were the real deal!

We responded without further delay, saying that Clarence would be delighted to talk with Mr. Keller.

A few days later we received an inspiring email from the man himself:

Hi Clarence!  This is Gary Keller! 

Right up front please let me just say that you’re one of my heroes! I believe we get to choose our role models in our lives and you are my health role model. Take Charge is probably one of the most direct and powerful health books ever written. And as an author myself with over 4 million books sold, my latest was titled The One Thing, please know that I don’t say this lightly. I recently went back and purchased all of your books and DVD’s (sorry I used Amazon without thinking!) and am immersing myself in them.

Appreciate the journey you’ve taken with your life and all the help you’ve given so many. Hope we can visit this next week!



An hour-long phone consultation with Gary went well, ending with an invitation to come to Austin to speak to their top leaders about healthy living. Clarence responded that he is a reluctant traveler and prefers an interview format. Gary surprised him by saying he is not big on traveling either and also prefers a Q & A format. He said he would fly us in that morning and get us home that evening.

Who could pass up an offer like that!

Gary said he’d get to work on it right away.

A couple of weeks later, we received an email from a woman who works directly with Gary. She explained that the event is a Mega Camp, a large training and coaching seminar for their agents and leaders around the world. Clarence would be paired with Gary talking to the top agents, who would be given copies of our book Take Charge. Gary would interview Clarence about the book on stage much like he did over the phone.

She followed up with a speaker’s contract for Clarence to sign. He signed and we shipped them 325 copies of Take Charge shortly before the event.

A very friendly Black Car driver with a BASS sign was waiting for us in the baggage area. He took us to the loading area in back of the Austin Convention Center, where the KW Mega Camp occupied all four flours. We were taken to a Green Room in back of a packed auditorium with the presenter lit up on two huge screens.

A catered lunch was waiting for us.

Clarence in front of KW booths in the lobby of the Austin Convention Center

Clarence was a bit anxious, but Gary made him feel right at home.

If the audience response is any indication, the Keller-Bass dialogue on life-time health and fitness was a success. The crowd exploded at the end, with everyone on their feet, clapping.

It was an incredible experience from start to finish. Gary and the wonderful people who work with him treated us like royalty. We can’t thank them enough for making it all possible.

As Gary would say, Onward

PS: We don’t have a record of the KW presentation, but the Ageless Timeless interview covers much of the same ground, and is now up on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87_US8bttVA&t=28s

September 1, 2019

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Clarence Interviewed on Training for Lifetime Fitness & Health

Steven Fred Smith, a Registered Dietitian based in New York, interviewed Clarence early in May--on training. Sounds backward but it turns out that Steven is a serious trainer who counsels clients at many levels of fitness and health. He was full of good questions on all levels of training.

Here's what he wrote in requesting the interview:

My YouTube channel focuses on healing the body and part of that oftentimes means training with less intensity or less volume so we can recover. I think we have mostly been brainwashed into believing that we all need to train like professional athletes in order to be strong and fit, which as Clarence shows is just not true.

I am interested in interviewing Clarence, because I believe his philosophy about training to be extremely helpful for most people. I have client caseload that includes people who have a history of excess exercise or dangerous diets and as a result find themselves with hormonal problems. Taking a "less is more" philosophy with training tends to really help these individuals. I think Clarence has a lot of very insightful advice about training and his perspective would greatly benefit my channel and audience.

Steven asked many good questions about short and long term success, giving Clarence the opportunity to talk about many aspects of training over a lifetime. Ways to begin training--and stay motivated--year after year. Starting early or late, the benefits of healthy living are unfolding year after year, by example and scientific discovery.

The hour flew by. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCL6F83lCq8&t=1s

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Tommy Kono Posthumously Inducted into Sacramento Sports HOF

Tommy was on the nomination list since the Sports Hall of Fame was formed in his hometown seven years ago, but failed to garner enough votes until 2019, three years after his death at 85. This was standard operating procedure for Kono who was better known overseas than in the United States where team sports take precedence. Beyond being named "Weightlifter of the Century" by the International Weightlifting Federation in 2005, two other events illustrate the gap in recognition at home and away.

He had been to Russia 5 times during the "cold war" and traveled to Moscow in 1958 to compete in the first "Prize of Moscow" tournament. Kono was the only American lifter invited to compete. With no coach, teammates or anyone to assist and translate for him backstage--against 7 other lifters, 5 of which were Soviet Union world record holders or Olympic gold medalists--he won anyway!

The other illustration is closer to home.

One of the greatest tributes Kono felt bestowed on him was to be recognized by the city of York, Pennsylvania, considered the Mecca of the weightlifting world. A 27 by 20 foot mural painted on the side of a 3-story building had a painting of Bob Hoffman on the left side, John Grimek on the right side, and Kono in the middle. Hoffman, founder of the famous York Barbell Company, and Grimek, a legendary bodybuilder, both resided in the York area. Kono had been to York many times but never lived there.

Muscletown USA recognized Kono as a member of the weightlifting triumvirate.

Kono was the best of the best on and off the weightlifting platform. In the course of winning six world championships and two Olympic Gold Medals, he became the only weightlifter in history to set world records in four different weight classes. He also won the Mr. World physique title in 1954 and the Mr. Universe title in 1955, 1957, and 1961. He went on to coach the Mexican, West German and U.S. Olympic teams, in 1968, 1972 and 1976, respectively. 

Kono mastered the art of physique display, as he did everything he attempted.

Photo courtesy of Tommy Kono

*  *  *

Tommy would not utter a word about the unfathomable delay in his induction.

He would thank his supporters for sticking with his nomination, and join his wife, Florence, and their family in expressing their gratitude:

We are grateful to the fans of the sport of weightlifting for their support and remembrance of him. It is very special that his hometown of Sacramento has bestowed this honor upon him.

March 1, 2019

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Why Full-Fat Milk Is Booming

The above is a headline in the October 1, 2018, issue of TIME magazine. Carol read the article aloud, to my delight.

Could they be logging on to this website? Probably not, but it is very good news.

After some positive marketing details, the magazine gets to the scientific underpinnings.

While the U.S. dietary guidelines still recommend low- or no-fat dairy, new research suggests that full-fat dairy may be a healthy choice... People who eat full-fat dairy are no more likely to develop heart disease than those who eat low-fat versions, and may even be less prone to Type 2 diabetes and weight gain--probably because they stay full longer. Studies have also found that people who cut their fat intake tend to replace the missing calories with unhealthy refined carbohydrates.

"The research that has been evolving and has been in the general press has given consumers permission to choose products they like," a spokesmen for the International Dairy Foods Association told TIME.

A longtime friend, a competitive bodybuilder, told us that he'd been drinking skim milk for so long that whole milk tasted like ice cream--and didn't smooth out his cuts.

It's good to know that the mainstream media is catching up: https://www.cbass.com/wholemilk.htm

Last year and the year before, the big supermarket down the street from the Cooper Clinic only had one brand of whole milk and it seemed to be in hiding. Perhaps it will be different when I go back next year.

December 1, 2018

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Austrian Podcast Interviews Clarence Again

Oh my! What's left to talk about? That's what we thought when we sat down to listen to the new podcast. Austrian professional sport climber Jurgen Reis has interviewed Clarence ten times since he visited here for the first time in 2007. The last podcast was in January of this year.

We were pleasantly surprised. Clarence has been finding something new to write about every month since he started his RIPPED column in Muscle & Fitness in 1980. Jurgen finds new topics in every podcast.

Successful training routines are constantly evolving. Clarence looks for new ways to challenge his body in every workout.

When Jurgen asked what's new, Clarence began by explaining why he decided to stop doing the foothills workout on Sundays. His resting heart on his Fitbit told him that he was not fully recovering for his Tuesday strength workouts.

From there, Jurgen said that he has stopped writing books for the time being, and asked if Clarence is thinking about a new book. Clarence said he thinks of his updates as gathering new material every month. No new book until he has a theme that excites him.

That opened the gate for many new topics to discuss.

When the time expired, Jurgen said he couldn't wait for the next interview, that he wanted to continue on and on, that there would always be something new to talk about. No limits!

The Podcast is # 676. You won't be disappointed. English begins at minute 19: www.Power-Quest.cc

You'll find Jurgen's story in our "Fitness Personalities" category: https://www.cbass.com/JurgenReis.htm

Here's a message from him along with a recent photo by Andreas Kempter.

This photo of me this summer was taken just before my 42nd birthday. Normal training day – no special preparation done. I had the same bodyweight as when I was 18.

Reading Clarence Bass’ books about two decades ago and visiting him and Carol three times were some of the best things I've done in my life. My American Grandpa (that’s how I call him sometimes) taught me much more than “just” how to stay in shape.

For everybody looking for a REAL mentor in all aspects of fit and passionate living, I highly recommend his endless knowledge.

Oftentimes I ask myself “What would Clarence do?” I don't always do it, but it shapes my thinking.

Thank you Clarence and Carol for everything you gave me and your patience with me!

Jürgen Reis, Professional Climber from Austria
Photo: © 2018 by Andreas Kempter

September 1, 2018

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Laszlo Photo of Clarence Exhibited

Early this month we were surprised to take delivery of a photo Laszlo took of Clarence at 75 holding a kettlebell at his side. It was enlarged and carefully wrapped. We were surprised and pleased to learn that it hung for a month at an art gallery in Sacramento.

Here's the story in Laszlo's words:

Every year the Viewpoint Photographic Art Gallery in Sacramento encourages its members to enter a juried exhibition based on a theme. In 2017 the theme was “Balance.” Some years before I had photographed Clarence holding a kettlebell with his muscular and veined arm. It epitomized the raw power and strength of a dedicated lifter. When I took a second look at this picture I remembered it also takes plenty of balance to lift a kettlebell, the clumsiest item in the weightlifter's repertoire. Clearly the judge agreed and selected it for the exhibition.

Our task was to find an appropriate place of honor in Clarence's office at Ripped Enterprises. Carol found a tripod to make it stand out from the many other photos already there. Here it is on top of a book case balanced between two Herculean sculptures.

Laszlo is pleased--and so are we.

September 1, 2018

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