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Olympic Gold Medalist Visits Ripped

Tianna Takes Home Gold

The morning after winning the 60-Meter Dash in record time at the U.S. Indoor Track & Field Championships—and a spot on the U.S. National team at the World Indoor Championships--Tianna Madison Bartoletta and husband John stopped by for breakfast with Clarence and Carol.

Tianna has a long record of success on and off the track. In high school, she made the Distinguished Honor Roll each year and was named the 2003 Gatorade Ohio High School Girl’s Track & Field Athlete of the Year. While at the University of Tennessee, she won both indoor and outdoor SEC and NCAA long jump titles and All-America honors. She was also named Academic All-SEC and a member of the Lady Vol Academic Honor Roll.

In 2005, at age 19, Tianna won the gold medal in the long jump at the World Championships in Helsinki.

In 2012, at 27, she won a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in London. Tianna ran the lead-off leg in the final in which the U.S. team set a world record in the women’s 4x100-meter relay. She also reached the final in the individual 100 meter event, finishing 4th with a personal best time of 10.85.

That only scratches the surface. Among many other things, Tianna was named to the U.S. national bobsled team, placing third with teammate Elana Meyers in her first World Cup competition. (She didn’t compete in the just-completed Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.)

Her next goal is, of course, winning the gold medal for the USA in the 60-meter dash at the 2014 Indoor World Championships in Poland from March 5-7.

So, how did Tianna and John find their way to the Bass breakfast table in Albuquerque? The first part is easy: Albuquerque has hosted the indoor nationals for five consecutive years—and has submitted bids for four more years. You may have seen this year’s event on one of the national sports channels; 17-year-old Mary Cain’s spectacular 1500-meter victory grabbed most of the headlines. The other part requires more explanation.

Notice the seven-year gap between gold medals; that’s where John Bartoletta comes into the picture. After a chance meeting with Bartoletta, a 49-year old investment manager, at an Orlando restaurant, Tianna got back on the gold-medal track. They started talking and dating and were married in 2012.

With John’s help and encouragement, Tianna reinvigorated her commitment to track and field. They decided that 2012 was going to be their year—and it was.

“Her whole body type, strength, and body fat level changed radically,” John told a Tampa Bay reporter. Winning the gold medal was a great honor, but they were equally pleased with her 10.85 clocking in the 100-meter final—a time she had been striving to reach.

Wonderful, but how did Clarence and Carol come into the picture? They were surprised and delighted to get a call from John on the final day of the Albuquerque competition. He had read some of Ripped books and was impressed with the Ripped diet philosophy—and asked if he and Tianna could meet with Clarence and Carol while they were in Albuquerque. It was agreed that they would come to the Bass home for breakfast the next morning.

Clarence served them the latest version of his “Old Reliable” with sliced hard-boiled egg and sardines on the side. Interestingly, Tianna ate more than John. They both seemed a little shocked at the size of Clarence’s breakfast.

The conversation ranged from abs to intervals and beyond. Most importantly, they believe that refining and improving Tianna’s diet can give her an edge on her opponents. That certainly plausible in the dashes where the difference between winning and losing is often measured in hundredths of a second.

John had only read the “red and blue” Ripped books (Ripped 2 & 3), so Clarence explained some of the latest refinements in his eating style.

Tianna wants to know both the “what” and “why” of her diet. She obviously believes that eating and training regimens work best when you understand and “own” what you’re doing. She’s an engaging, intelligent, motivated, and gifted young women—with muscles on her muscles. Strength training plays a major role in her regimen; John showed us a video of her doing reps in the power snatch. She is clearly wired for power.

John also trains regularly and is well muscled. He is doing his best to help Tianna realize her potential and achieve her goals. They’re a team.

They bought six books—Ripped 1, 2 &3, Challenge Yourself, Great Expectations, and Take Charge—and plan to be back in touch after studying them—and perhaps eat and train with Clarence and Carol sometime in the future.


Tianna, Clarence, and John in the Bass family aerobic training room.
Photo by Carol Bass

For an awesome photo of Tianna in full stride in the world record relay and a montage of other photos, enter this huge link:


Tianna Makes Olympic Team in Long Jump and 100 Meter Dash

We were thrilled to see Tianna Bartoletta on her way back to the Olympics in her signature events, the long jump and the 100 meter sprint. As noted above, she won a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics as a member of our world record setting 4x100-meter relay team. She also reached the final in the individual 100 meter event, finishing fourth. She was world champion in both the indoor and outdoor long jump in 2005 and 2006, respectively. She repeated winning the Outdoor World Championship in 2015.

The woman can sprint and jump! Two events where fast-twitch muscle fibers rule the roost.

In this year's Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon she was second in the long jump by inches to 2012 Olympic champion Brittney Reese, who's 23-11 3/4 inches was the best in the world since 2004. Tianna's jump was 23 feet, 1/2 inch.

Interestingly, the long jump and her 100m qualifying heat were scheduled at the same time. Tianna and John revised her training the last two weeks to prepare mentally and physically to combine the two events. On the big day, she took one jump before running the 100, passed for two rounds, and then came back and jumped again. It worked. She navigated both events without a hitch.

After winning her preliminary heat in the 100m, Tianna finished second in the final by a hair to English Gardner. It couldn't have been closer. Gardener's time was 10.74 and Tianna's 10.776. Tori Bowie was third in 10.779. It was the first wind-legal women's 100 with three under 10.8 seconds. All three will be going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

(What did they do before electronic timing came along?)

Tianna is also expected to be a repeat member of the USA's record setting 4x100-meter relay team.

Clearly, Tianna is setting herself up to bring home a bunch of medals from Rio. Let's hope they're all gold.


Tianna Bartoletta Sopot 2014.jpg

 At 5 foot 6 and 135 pounds, Tianna's musculature is clearly distinguishable from that of endurance athletes.

PS: We don't know if Tianna and her husband John read the six books they bought from us. We like to think that they did. We loved having them and hope we were able to help in some way. They're a special couple and we'll be in front of our big screen TV cheering for them next month in Rio.

Tianna Takes Home Gold

We had a great time rooting for Tianna from The Land of Enchantment. It took a while but she came through big time.

She won two Gold Medals--but it wasn't easy. She did it the hard way.

The 100 meter dash didn't go well for her. She made the final, but placed out of the money.

And things weren't looking good in the long jump.

Carol and I watched her struggle through three long jumps--and land in 5th place. Defending Olympic champion and teammate Brittney Reese was well ahead of her. Frankly, we pretty much gave up and moved on to other events. Big mistake.

"Come here," Carol called down to me the next morning. "I want to show you something."


"Tianna won."

One her fifth jump (of 6) she squeaked by Brittney with a lifetime best jump of 7.17 meters (23.52 feet) to take the Gold; Reese took silver with a best of 7.15 on her last jump.

Look and marvel at her Gold Medal leap and more: https://www.google.com/#q=tianna+bartoletta+long+jump+images

Step back and see what she has done. The 30-year-old Bartoletta won long jump world championships 10 years apart, 2005 and 2015--and has now added Olympic Gold in Rio de Janeiro.

And she wasn't done winning, the hard way.

She ran the first leg for our defending Olympic champion 4 x 100 meter relay team--three times.

The USA women dropped the baton in the qualifying round. Fortunately, they picked the baton up and finished the race--behind the qualifying teams. They protested and were allowed to run alone in the evening to qualify for the final.

It was downhill after that.

Bartoletta put the USA in the lead and they never looked back, winning in 41.02 seconds, the second-fastest time in history.

Check out Tianna passing off to Allyson Felix and then draped in the stars and stripes: https://www.google.com/#q=tianna+bartoletta+image+draped+in+the+flag+

Thank you Tianna and John for allowing us to feel a small connection to what you have worked so hard to achieve. 

For more about Tianna (and John) visit her Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tianna_Bartoletta

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